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Delaware Unclaimed Property Auctions
This is a rare opportunity for investors to buy valuable unclaimed property from the State of Delaware at low online auction prices!

The State of Delaware sells unclaimed items found in safe deposit boxes like fine jewelry, loose diamonds, gold bullion and collectible coins and paper currency in live public auctions on eBay.

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Unclaimed Property Auctions


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The State of Delaware lists unclaimed property for auction online at regular intervals. If you don't find Delaware unclaimed property items listed above, please check out unclaimed property auctions from other states listed below.
Could Delaware be holding some of your property?

The State of Delaware provides a Web page outlining the steps required for finding and claiming Unclaimed Property in Delaware.

If your name is on Delaware's unclaimed property list and you would like to make a claim you can send an email to or call 302-577-8220 with general questions.

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