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What's it like to work in America's Loneliest Counties?


Landman working in McMullen County Texas

Michael Persyn, Percheron. LLC


Michael remembers " The parking lot around the McMullen County Courthouse was unpaved when I first started going there around 2000 or soon after. McMullen County has a population density of less than 1 person per square mile."


Land Negotiator working in Garfield County Montana

Libby Ecord, of Noble Energy worked Garfield County, Montana in the 1980's.


She says, "Jordan, the small town where the courthouse is located had one motel with 8 rooms. Only one of the rooms had a color TV, the rest were black and white. There were 6 bars in town and the Garfield County abstract office was in a little girl's bedroom at a house about 4 blocks from the courthouse".


Remote Land


Secluded Land


Isolated Land


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America's Most Remote Counties Ranked by Population

Stories and Statistics from America's Least Populated Rural Counties


Updated April 2014

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Loving County CourthouseIsolated, secluded, steeped in history and rich in tradition --  these counties are the least populated and most isolated places in America.


The people who live in these remote, isolated places enjoy a lifestyle and individual freedoms that many thought vanished in the United States long ago.


With 22 isolated rural counties, Texas has the highest number of sparsely populated counties followed by Nebraska with 20 and North Dakota with 17. Hawaii has only one county to make the list but Kalawao County became the least populated county in the country as of 2013.


Lake And Peninsula Borough in Alaska is the least densely populated county with 14.35 square miles per person followed by Yakutat Borough with 11.91 and Loving County Texas with 7.04 square miles per person.


Kalawao County isn't just the least populated county in the country. At $50,618 average per capita income, its residents also enjoy the highest income for under populated counties. It ranks above the second highest income in Mineral County Colorado where local residents earn $42,539 and Borden County Texas with average earnings of $40,241 per year.

Kalawao Co HI  (90) Least populated and highest income per person.

Loving County TX (95) Third least densely populated county.

King Co TX (285)

Kenedy Co. TX  (412)

Arthur County NE (458)

Blaine County NE (482)

Petroleum Co. MT (506)

McPherson Co NE (526)

Loup County NE (576)

Grant County NE  (633)

Borden County TX (637) Third highest income per person.

Yakutat Borough AK (642)  Second least densely populated county.

San Juan County CO (692)

Harding County NM (693)

Thomas County NE (699)

Treasure County MT (700)

Mineral County CO (721) Second highest income per person.

Hooker County NE (738)

Wheeler County NE (759)

Banner County NE (759)

Slope County ND (761) Highest percent of owner occupied homes.

Logan County NE ( Pop 763)

McMullen County TX (764)

Keya Paha County NE (790)

Kent County TX (807)

Hinsdale County CO (813)

Roberts County TX (831)

Esmeralda County NV (832)

Golden Valley County MT (859)

Clark County ID (867) Highest percentage of foreign born residents.

Billings County ND (874)

Terrell County TX (903)

Bristol Bay Borough AK (960)

Hayes County NE (976)

Skagway Borough AK (995)

Jones County SD (1001)

Camas County ID (1042)

Wibaux County MT (1121)

Daggett County UT (1127)

Alpine County CA (1159)

Carter County MT (1174)

Prairie County MT (1179)

Motley County TX (1196)

Sterling County TX (1219)

Glasscock County TX (1251)

Harding County SD (1262)

Foard County TX (1277)

Greeley County KS (1290)

Garfield County MT (1290)

Sheridan County ND (1304)

Sioux County NE (1313)

Campbell County SD (1334)

Jackson County CO (1365)

Wheeler County OR (1381)

Hyde County SD (1391)

Issaquena County MS (1395)

Rock County NE (1411)

Kiowa County CO (1423)

Stonewall County TX (1432)

Sully County SD (1437)

Cottle County TX (1452)

Piute County UT (1510)

Briscoe County TX (1537)

Wallace County KS (1569)

Throckmorton County TX (1600)

Irion County TX (1612)

Lake And Peninsula Borough AK (1648) Least densely populated county.

Taliaferro County GA (1703)

McCone County MT (1709)

Lane County KS (1720)

Sherman County OR (1731)

Powder River County MT (1748)

Daniels County MT (1791)

Golden Valley County ND (1823)

Denali Borough AK (1867)

Oliver County ND (1874)

Edwards County TX (1884) Second highest in owner occupied homes.

Cheyenne County CO (1890)

Haakon County SD (1894)

Garden County NE (1902)

De Baca County NM (1907)

Deuel County NE (1937)

Meagher County MT (1937)

Logan County ND (1946)

Gilliam County OR (1947)

Armstrong County TX (1949)

Hodgeman County KS (1950)

Comanche County KS (1955)

Steele County ND (1960)

Gosper County NE (1972)

Dundy County NE (1981)

Judith Basin County MT (2016)

Buffalo County SD (2024)

Dolores County CO (2029)

Boyd County NE (2032)

Garfield County NE (2035)

Jerauld County SD (2066)

Eureka County NV (2076)

Mellette County SD (2081)

Worth County MO (2090)

Oldham County TX (2102)

Wheatland County MT (2134)

Hoonah-Angoon Census Area AK (2145)

Menard County TX (2148)

Keweenaw County MI (2191) Third highest in owner occupied homes.

Wichita County KS (2192)

Clark County KS (2193)

Stanton County KS (2194) 3rd highest percentage of foreign born residents.

Highland County VA (2215)

Robertson County KY (2235)

Jeff Davis County TX (2253)

Garfield County WA (2256)

Culberson County TX (2277)

Rich County UT (2288)

Dickens County TX (2291)

Griggs County ND (2291)

Burke County ND (2306)

Divide County ND (2314)

Towner County ND (2317)

Sanborn County SD (2317)

Miner County SD (2333)

Cimarron County OK (2335)

Adams County ND (2360)

Sedgwick County CO (2360)

Liberty County MT (2369)

Grant County ND (2377)

Faulk County SD (2386)

Potter County SD (2394)

Wrangell Borough AK (2400)

Eddy County ND (2404)

Kidder County ND (2428)

McPherson County SD (2457)

Niobrara County WY (2541)

Renville County ND (2608)

Hettinger County ND (2660)


Kawao County Hawaii
King County Texas
Kenedy County Courthouse
Gail Mountain in Borden County Texas
Grantier Ranch - Petroleum County Nebraska





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