Life in Texas from the 1800's to 1950

Life in Anderson County Tx from 1908 to 1946


Anderson County, Texas from 1908 to 1946 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers.

Looking West from Spring Street Palestine Tx 1908

Busy day on Spring Street in Palestine in 1908 as farmers bring crops to market in horse drawn wagons and early trucks and customers fill the street.

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Highway near Neches 1939

Highway passes through unnamed small town near Neches Texas where weary travelers can get gas, oil, soft drinks and lunch.

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Oak Street Palestine TX 1918

Street scene on Oak Street in Palestine in 1918 featuring horse drawn wagons and well dressed shoppers.

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Perry's Steak House Palestine, Texas in 1940's

Cars line up for a good steak at Perry's Steak House in Palestine in 1940's Palestine.

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Esso Gas Station Palestine Tx 1930s


In the 1930's filling your car at an Esso Gas Station in Palestine Texas was a full-service experience where two uniformed  attendants filled your car with gas,  checked your tires, tires, washed your windshield and swept out your floorboard.

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Migrants in truck near Neches Texas in 1939


Mexican migrant workers returning from Mississippi where they had been picking cotton travel by truck to their next field site somewhere near Neches, Texas in 1939.

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Gas Station near Neches, Texas in 1939

Mexican migrant truck stops for 16 cent a gallon gasoline on their way to a location near Neches, Texas

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Cold Drinks and Candy in Neches Tx in 1939

Migrant workers on their way to a field in Neches stop to enjoys cold drinks and candy under the watchful eye of the Bell Station attendant.  View Larger

Migrant Boy Enjoys RC Cola at Bell Gas Station Near Neches Texas in 1939

Young migrant boy standing beside public water fountain enjoys a rare treat, a 5 cent RC cola at a gas stop near Neches in 1939.

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Featured Item from Anderson County Texas

Rare Artifacts, Books, Memorabilia and Historical Documents from Palestine, Elkhart and Frankston, Texas.

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Anderson County Estates with Unclaimed Money

Estate of William Philips $10,134 Palestine
Estate of Stephen Smith $4,848 Palestine
Estate of William Carpenter Bridges $4,491 Palestine
Eleta Knox Rhodes Estate $4,081 Frankston
Estate of John Cannon D $3,637 Palestine
. . . See All Anderson County Unclaimed Estates
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