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Home Appraisal and InspectionAppraisals, Home Inspections and Estimates

Whether you are buying, selling, remodeling or financing your home, an independent property appraisal and home inspection are critical to understanding the real value of your property and getting the results you want. In addition, a judge may rely on an appraisal or home inspection as an independent assessment of value for estate and divorce settlement purposes or in property tax protests.


Licensed Appraisers and Home Inspectors

It's important to use a licensed professional appraiser when seeking a home value estimate. Lenders, buyers and local courts will generally only accept the opinion of a licensed appraiser. Finding a local appraiser who is licensed for your area is no longer difficult. In fact, now it's easy and free to find licensed local appraisers online.



Home Inspections

A home inspection is a careful analysis of the condition of your house. This type of inspection is often required by mortgage lenders and homer buyers for real estate transactions. An expert will examine your property for possible problems and advise you on any repairs needed to bring your property up to local code and lender requirements.


There are many ways you can get estimates of your home's value along with suggestions on how to improve its value while lowering the cost of owning real estate. 


Appraisals for Home Insurance determine property value for the purpose of insuring your home. Almost all homes have a lower replacement cost today than before the housing crash. A free insurance appraisal will provide you with your home's current replacement cost and could save you hundreds over what you are currently paying for home insurance.


County Property Tax and Appraisal Districts provide appraisals that determine how much you pay in property taxes and can help you determine if you are eligible for property tax exemptions. These appraisals are public record and always free. Contact your local taxing entity.


Independent Local Valuation

An independent appraiser's valuation can vary significantly from the report you get from the county appraisal office or local tax assessor. A property appraisal from an independent local appraiser of your home's current value can be very effective when protesting local tax values.




Specialized Home Inspections

Some home inspections require specific types of licensing and experience. Here are a few that may require a specific type of home inspector or appraiser.

 Mold & Toxic Material Test 
 Asbestos Testing 
 Land Survey 
 Toxic Lead Testing 
 Radon Gas Testing 
 Waterproofing Inspection
 Roof Inspection
 Sprinkler Systems 
 Termite Inspection 
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