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Books about Taylor County, Abilene Texas
These hard to find books are perfect for anyone interested in the history of Taylor County and the people from Abilene, Tuscola, Tye, Buffalo Gap, Impact, Lawn, Merkel or Trent Texas.


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 A People, A Place:

The Story of Abilene Volume I; The Future Great City 1881-1940

Early biographers of Abilene, the present author included, laid heavy emphasis on "the people," the human element in the establishment and continuing life of the city. But the geographical characteristics of "the place" is also important in its creation, its history, and its future. The intertwining of these two themes dictated much of the story of the town called Abilene, Texas . . . . Read more

 A People, A Place: The Story of Abilene Volume 2: The Modern City, 1940-2010

In 1940, Abilene, Texas was just an overgrown country town of some 25,000 souls. World War II wrought a permanent change through the advent of a major army training camp housing 60,000 troops. Although the base closed at the end of the war, the city soon attracted an air force base that continued to leaven the community. Over the next seventy years, Abilene grew to be home to nearly 120,000 citizens. Population growth carried with it the need for geographic expansion, infrastructure upgrade, and economic diversification, but also unimaginable cultural change . . . Read more

 Abilene Stories: From Then to Now

A collection of fascinating and colorful stories spanning the history of Abilene, Texas.
Although Abilene has long lived in the shadows of the literary limelight, it has not been for a lack of good writing, good writers, and interesting stories. Now coming out of the shadows, ''Abilene Stories: From Then to Now'' offers a community scrapbook, a gathering of the civic congregation where more than a hundred friends have stopped by for a visit. The laughter is heavy and the smiles broad as stories are told and memories jogged. . . . Read more

 Lost Abilene

In 1881, the Texas & Pacific Railroad described Abilene as the "Future Great City of the West." While the train line was laying rails west out of Fort Worth, a group of ranchers, wanting the new town to become a prominent cattle-shipping point, selected the name Abilene after Abilene, Kansas, which was a main cattle-shipping town in the 1870s. With the arrival of the railroad to Abilene, this part of Texas opened up for settlement. Families rushed  . . . Read more

 Early Abilene (Images of America)

During the 1870s, there was wondrous change in West Texas. The area was ripe for settlement, and as the Texas and Pacific Railroad pushed west from Fort Worth, towns began springing up along the tracks. Ranchers coming to the area took advantage of the vast grasslands, and the new arrival of settlers was the beginning of a town named Abilene. Deriving its namesake from the town of Abilene, Kansas, the locals hoped the city would become a shipping point for cattle on their way to eastern markets. . . . Read more

 Baker's Dozen: We Were Thirteen, the Caseys of Tuscola, Taylor County Texas

Table of Contents
1. The Casey Clan
2. Taylor County, Texas
3. The Tuscola Valley, Early Settlers
4. Tuscola, Texas . . . Read more

 The Texas You Expect: The Story of Buffalo Gap Historic Village

The Buffalo Gap Historic Village, in Buffalo Gap, Texas, got its start in 1956 as the "Ernie Wilson Museum of the Old West" and was housed in the original Taylor County Courthouse. Over the next fifty years, however, the museum evolved into a full-fledged historic village, boasting twenty buildings and more than 9,000 artifacts. With this transformation, the historic village also began to tell a story about the history of a time period--the critical decades between 1875 and 1925. . . . Read more

 Judge Legett of Abilene

A Texas Frontier Profile (Centennial series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A & M University) . . . Read more

 Love Unbounded:

The Influence of First Baptist Church on Abilene, Texas

 In 1881, six months after the establishment of Abilene, Texas, seventeen residents met at the local public school building and chartered First Baptist Church of Abilene. These founders instilled a mission-minded focus in the new institution. While First Baptist was not the only institution that served Abilene, the church’s importance cannot be overlooked. For over 125 years, First Baptist Church of Abilene has played a prominent role in the Abilene community . . . Read more

 Abilene Landmarks:

An Illustrated Tour: The Story of Abilene as told through 100 of its most historic buildings

Every city has a look and feel that informs how people respond to it. Visitors react to the skyline, clean streets, traffic patterns and the like, while its citizens speak of civic pride, heritage, and spirit. This love of place illustrates the passions and values of the society that fosters it. Some economists and thinkers refer to social capital, others cultural capital, when discussing the value added by the appreciation of the history and heritage of a community. The more people know about their hometown, the more they support it, love it, and keep it. The settlement that sprang up . . . Read more

 The Romance of Hardin-Simmons University

The sixteen chapters of this book were originally a series of sixteen letters in which Mr. Featherston gave human interest insights into the history, spirit, and character of Hardin-Simons University . . . Read more

 The family of Bennie Gray Halsted & Alpha Arvilla Ohlhausen:

Sharecrop farmers of Taylor County, Texas, ranchers of Kerr County, Texas, Sheriff of Armstrong County, Texas

 . . . Read more

 Sketches of History: Methodist in South Taylor County Texas

by Wayne L. Burkey, Pastor Tuscola United Methodist Church  . . . Read more

 1975 Yearbook: Abilene Christian School, Abilene, Texas

This copy is a soft cover reprint of a previously owned high school yearbook. Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift, the memories in this yearbook are sure to make someone smile! All the pages and images are reproduced . . . Read more

 August Harvest (A Collection of Sandusky Samplin's)

August Harvest (A Collection of Sandusky Samplin's), edited by Marilyn Latimer Tittle and Linda Latimer Faulkner. Spiral-bound cookbook published by G & R Publishing Co. From or for the 1995 "Sandusky Harvests" Sandusky family reunion in Merkel, Texas. Illustrated with the Sandusky coat of arms . . . Read more

 Rose Hill Cemetery Records 1884-1986, Merkel, Taylor Co. Texas

by Becky Jacobs Rynders, West Texas Genealogical Society . . . Read more

 Frontier Texas: History of a Borderland to 1880

The West Texas frontier--the area encompassing the region stretching from Fort Worth to the Caprock, from Palo Duro Canyon to the San Saba River--has been a crossroads of humanity for thousands of years. Each group of humans who trekked across its sun-drenched prairies had to contend with the challenges of life in an area that has always been a climatic, geographical, political, and cultural borderland . . . Read more

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