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Books About Borden County Texas People and Places
Books about Borden County Texas

These hard to find books are perfect for anyone interested in the history, people and places of Borden County Texas. Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift, the memories in these books are sure to make someone smile!

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Historic Tales of the Llano Estacado

The distinctive high mesa straddling West Texas and Eastern New Mexico creates a vista that is equal parts sprawling lore and big blue sky. From Lubbock, the area's informal capital, to the farthest reaches of the staked plains known as the Llano Estacado, the land and its inhabitants trace a tradition of tenacity through numberless cycles of dust storms and drought. In 1887, a bison hunter

"The next day, August 4, the hunters left for Muchaque Peak and Bull Creek in Borden County, where they had a cache of supplies. The surveyors  . . ." Read more Look inside

 Early Settlers of the Panhandle Plains

The panhandle plains were Texas's last frontier, barren lands populated by hostile Comanche and outlaws attempting to outrun civilization. It was Texas Ranger and frontier scout Jim Jackson who first saw potential in the region. They were the point riders who took the challenge of opening Kent, Garza, Crosby, Lynn, Borden, Dawson, Mitchell, Fisher, Scurry, Stonewall, and Nolan Counties to permanent settlement . . . Read more Look inside

 Fire And Fall Back: Casey Vincent's Story of Three Years in the China-Burma-India Theater, Including the Fighting Withdrawal of the Flying Tigers from Eastern China

Clinton Dermott "Casey" Vincent was born in Gail Texas November 29, 1914.

 Texas Yankee: The Story of Gail Borden

the story of Gail Borden, inventor of milk products and Texas hero. Borden County was named after Gail Borden and the county seat, Gail uses his first name.

 1961 Yearbook: Borden High School, Gail, Texas


 1960 Yearbook: Borden High School, Gail, Texas


 1965 Yearbook: Borden High School, Gail, Texas
 1956 Yearbook: Borden High School, Gail, Texas
 1957 Yearbook: Borden High School, Gail, Texas
Borden County 1776-1976. The Greatest Thing Since.

Cookbook of the Future Homemakers of America, Gail, Texas


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