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Books About Kent County Texas People and Places
These hard to find books are perfect for anyone interested in the history, people and places of Kent County, Jayton, Clairemont and Girard Texas.

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The Johnson-Sims Feud: Romeo and Juliet, West Texas Style

In the early 1900s, two families in Scurry and Kent counties in West Texas united in a marriage of fourteen-year-old Gladys Johnson to twenty-one-year-old Ed Sims. Billy Johnson, the father, set up Gladys and Ed on a ranch, and the young couple had two daughters. But Gladys was headstrong and willful, and Ed drank too much, and both sought affection outside their marriage. A nasty divorce ensued, and Gladys moved with her girls to her fatherís luxurious ranch house, where she soon fell in love with famed Texas Ranger Frank Hamer . . . Read more Look Inside

 Early Settlers of the Panhandle Plains

The panhandle plains were Texas's last frontier, barren lands populated by hostile Comanche and outlaws attempting to outrun civilization.

"We camped that night near the courthouse at Aspermont, Texas. The next day when our wagons crossed the Brazos into Kent County we experienced our first west Texas dust Storm. The sky turned read and we couldn't see.. The wind blew so hard we couldn't put up a canvas to block the wind . . . Read more Look inside

The Big Ranch Country

J. W. Williamsís classic survey of the big ranches of the Southwest reaches deep into the stories of key players in American ranching history.

"The time arrived for the contest and eleven cowboys were within the enclosure. Boley  Brown from Kent County, one of the eleven, was there on his big six-year old sorrel horse. Boley was a great sport and everybody was betting on his sorrel to win. The gate was finally closed, but in a moment a cowboy from Childress rode up on a find-looking horse." . . . Read more Look inside

 Chronicle of a Small Town

Jim Corder leads us through the ravines of the Croton Breaks, around to the back side of the Double Mountains, and through the streets of Jayton and Spur, as they are and as they used to be. He takes us right up to gaze at the Big Rock Candy Mountain, which, however, he can't tell us how to find since the day in 1937 when the State Highway Department made it into gravel. Fort Concho and Fort Phantom Hill, outhouses and feed mills, Col. Ranald Mackenzie and a lone Comanche brave, high school athletes and desperately lonely teachers, all come under his scrutiny and are hauntingly considered for their stories, their limitations, and the sense of place they afford . . . Read more

Jayton Texas Yearbooks
 Jaybird. Yearbook of Jayton, Texas High School, 1965 Jayton Texas


 1957 Yearbook: Jayton High School, Jayton, Texas


 1958 Yearbook: Jayton High School, Jayton, Texas


 Yearbook: 1944 Jayton High School - Jaybird Yearbook (Jayton, TX)



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Girard Texas Yearbooks
 Yearbook: 1952 Girard High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Girard, TX)
 Yearbook: 1953 Girard High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Girard, TX)


 Yearbook: 1941 Girard High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Girard, TX)



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