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Books About Kimble County Texas People and Places
What's Your Favorite Book about a Kimble County Texas Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorite books about Junction, London, Cleo, Noxville, Roosevelt, Telegraph and Segovia Texas.

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The Reckoning: The Triumph of Order on the Texas Outlaw Frontier

Isolated by geology and passed over by development, the vast, waterless tablelands of the Edwards Plateau of Texas became the stage for one of the great nineteenth-century dramas of Western justice. In 1873, opportunistic Anglo-Celtic cattlemen and homesteaders, protected by little other than personal firearms and their own bravado, began settling the stream-laced rangelands east of the plateau. An insidious criminal element soon followed: a family-based tribal confederation of frontier outlaws took root in the canyonlands around the forks of the Llano River, in unorganized and lawless Kimble County . . . Read more

The 5 Wilson Brothers of Kimble County, Texas

A narrative history of 5 brothers born in Kimble County, Texas in the late 1800's in and around Junction, Texas. Details regarding family migrations from England (Wilson), Virginia (Woodward and Cox) and Missouri (Edmundson and Graham) to Texas . . . Look inside

A Lone Star Cowboy: Being Fifty Years’ Experience in the Saddle as Cowboy, Detective and New Mexico Ranger

"On reaching Kimble County we laid over in a new village called Junction City, now a prosperous seat of government of Kimble county, to load up our mess-wagon with grub. Further up the river we came to the end of our journey at the Joe, and Creed Taylor ranches . . . Read more Look inside

The Goddess of War, A True Story of Passion, Betrayal and Murder in the Old West

John Wesley Hardin is the most famous gunfighter of the American Wild West. The subject of conversations from the Mexican border to the rowdy saloons of Kansas, he was the greatest celebrity of the age. He wrote an autobiography, but he only told what he wanted known, and few have researched beyond that. Today, Hardin is an enigma. Part of the mystery is his disastrous relationship with Helen Beulah Mrose, yet she has not been researched at all. Until now. The author lists Kimble County courthouse records as a primary source for this book . . .   . . . Read more Look inside

The Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told

"On reaching Kimble County we laid over in a new village called Junction City, now the prosperous seat of government of Kimble County, to load up our mess-wagon with grub, etc. Farther up the river we came to the end of our journey, at the Joe, and Creed Taylor ranches . . . Read more Look inside

The Ranger Ideal Volume 2: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1874-1930

"The four groups were then to rendezvous with the major and the main body on the ninethenth at Junction in Kimble County. Gillett accompanied one scout to Fort McKavett and arrest sever hardcases there. His horse was injured and, once Coldwell's men rode north, Gillett was forced to remain . . . Read more Look inside

The Trail Drivers of Texas: Interesting Sketches of Early Cowboys

These are the chronicles of the trail drivers of Texas those rugged men and, sometimes, women who drove cattle and horses up the trails from Texas to northern markets in the late 1800s.

"When we reached the Colorado river that stream was very low. Here I saw my first buffalo, but it was a tame animal and was branded a long S on each side. Ed Hagerman of Kimble County was ahead of us with a herd of the Half Circle L C cattle. After a great deal of hard luck and trouble we reached yellow Horse Draw about ten miles from Lubbock where we encountered a heavy hailstorm. We had lost a great many of our cattle on the trip, and the sudden change chilled a number of others to death as well as five horses." . . . Read more Look inside

A Day's Ride from Here Volume 2: Noxville, Texas

Join historian Cliff Caldwell for volume two of A Day's Ride from Here as he takes you through the hidden history of Texas Hill Country. Follow the San Saba trail the old Spanish route from San Antonio to Menard to the famous Pegleg Crossing, where Rangers brought down Dick Dublin in 1878. Visit frontier posts like Camp Verde and Camp Ives near Bandera Pass and see the sites of the earliest Texas Paleo-Indians along the Pecos River. Explore early pioneer settlements and once bustling towns . . . Read more

The Junction Boys:

How 10 Days in Hell with Bear Bryant Forged a Champion Team

The Junction Boys tells the story of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's legendary training camp in the small town of Junction, Texas. In a move that many consider the salvation of the Texas A&M football program, Coach Bryant put 115 players through the most grueling practices ever imagined. Only a handful of players survived the entire 10 days, but they braved the intense heat of the Texas sun and the burning passion of their coach, and turned a floundering team into one of the nation's best. The Junction Boys is more than just a story of tough practices without water breaks. An extraordinary fellowship was forged from the mind-numbing pain. The thirty-five survivors bonded together like no other team in America. They profited from the Junction experience; the knowledge they took back . . . Read more

Winship's Log

“I was trying to remember the other day exactly what my first memories are of Kimble County, of Junction, of Segovia, Texas. There is some spectacular stuff there, if I can bring it all to the surface—without making anything up. That’s not real hard to do, but it takes time. You have to go slow.”—Bob Winship

. . . Look Inside

The Land That Knows No Parting

The second in the series of "Little Town" essays by Rana K. Williamson, this collection of 26 hometown stories are of a more personal nature. They chronicle, in large part, the author's relationship with her late father, set against the backdrop of the small West Texas ranching community of Junction, Texas . . . Look Inside

Last of the Old-Time Outlaws: The George West Musgrave Story

"Two years earlier, Jim, his brother Jourd, Jim Crane, and Jim Pettigrew had rustled cattle and horses from John Gardner and Peter Patterson of Kimble County, Texas. On February 6, 1897, Kimble County Sheriff John L. Jones and his deputies located the rustlers at Rust Ranch, twenty-one miles northwest of Junction City . . ." Read more Look inside

Ella Elgar Bird Dumont: An Autobiography of a West Texas Pioneer

A crack shot, expert skinner and tanner, seamstress, sculptor, and later writer—a list that only hints at her intelligence and abilities—Ella Elgar Bird Dumont was one of those remarkable women who helped tame the Texas frontier. First married at sixteen to a Texas Ranger, she followed her husband . . "Gillett tells of scouting for Indians with Tom Bird in Kimble County when the men encountered a female black bear and two cubs. After killing the mother the Rangers tied up the fighting cubs and took them as pets. Gillett tells . . . .  Read more Look inside

Texas Ranger: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde

Frank Hamer and Oscar Latta became close friends. Latta was a capable lawman and a dangerous man in a gunfight. In 1897, while a deputy sheriff in Kimble County, he and other officers engaged in a pitched gun battle with ban robbers, killing two of them. The next year he enlisted in the Rangers . . .Read more Look inside

The Life and Times Of Toyah-Culture Folk

The Buckhollow Encampment Site, Kimble County, Texas

It Occurred in Kimble the Story of a Texas County

by O. C. Fisher

Recorded Landmarks of Kimble County Texas

NIce reference book with lots of old photos and information about Kimble County Texas

1982 Yearbook: Junction High School, Junction, Texas
Kimble County Unclaimed Estates

Kimble County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Kimble County Left a total $16,733 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Share this with your list of Family and Friends from Junction, Roosevelt and London Texas . . . see the list


Historical Treasures from Kimble County Texas

Find unique artifacts, memorabilia, historical and ancestry records in these treasures from Junction, London, Cleo, Noxville, Roosevelt and Segovia. 

See All Kimble County Treasures


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