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Books About Motley County, Matador and Roaring Springs Texas
Books about Motley County Texas People and Places

What's Your Favorite Book about a Motley County Texas Person, Place or Event? Here are some of our favorites about  people and places in Motley County, Matador, Roaring Springs, Whiteflat and the Matador Ranch.

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Trail Dust

Meador started his column, "Trail Dust," in his first paper. It attracted interest in 1934 when it won an award as the best column in Texas It has appeared in all types of publications from the Baptist Standard, to books of quotations. Reader's Digest has used it three times. It has appeared often in "Quote" Magazine and is used by many newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, as well as nearby country weeklies. It has won numerous state and regional awards as an outstanding column . . . Read more

Thinkin' It Over

by Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas worked for Matador Cattle Company (at Matador), the Upper Matadors (which became Quien Sabe Ranch at Charming, Tx), Jack Frost Bandy Ranch (north of Rotan, Tx), the Yellowhouse Ranch (northwest of Levelland, Tx), spent a brief time with the Scharbauer Ranch (Adrian, Tx) and Renfrow's (at Charming). He now ranches in Hockley and Bailey Counties . . . Read more

Dear Ones at Home: Bud Smith’s Correspondence Home to West Texas during WWI

An antique trunk filled with family treasures is passed down for generations. After it is opened by the newest generation of owners, a stack of letters over a century old written to family in Whiteflat Texas in Motley County is rediscovered. At the risk of disintegrating, the new owners preserve them by photographing and transcribing them. Dear Ones at Home is a tribute to the man who wrote these letters and to the family who lovingly kept them in the trunk they passed down through the generations . . . Read more

The Border and the Buffalo: An Untold Story of the Southwest Plains

In presenting these Reminiscences to the reader the author wishes to say that they were written and compiled by an uneducated man, who was 63 years of age in 1901. The tragic deaths seen by the author in dance-hall and saloon have been omitted, in this work. But to that band of hardy, tireless hunters that helped, as all army officers declared, more to settle the vexed Indian question in the five years of the greatest destruction of wild animals in the history of the world’s hunting, the author especially devotes that portion of the book pertaining to the buffaloes . . . Read more

Ella Elgar Bird Dumont: An Autobiography of a West Texas Pioneer

A crack shot, expert skinner and tanner, seamstress, sculptor, and later writer—a list that only hints at her intelligence and abilities—Ella Elgar Bird Dumont was one of those remarkable women who helped tame the Texas frontier. First married at sixteen to a Texas Ranger, she followed her husband to Comanche Indian country in King County, where they lived in a tepee while participating in the final slaughter of the buffalo. Living off the land . . . Read more Look inside 24 references to Motley County

News from Down to the Cafe: New Poems

By David Lee

David Lee was born in Matador, Texas. He played semiprofessional baseball as the only white player to ever play for the Negro League Post Texas Blue Stars and was a knuckleball pitcher for the South Plains Texas League Hubbers. These poems are rooted in stories overheard at the Wayburne Pig Cafe. They capture a rural community's true voice, peppered with gossip and arguments right off Main Street. It was nominated  for the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry . . . Read more Look inside

The early history of Motley County

January 1, 1958
by Harry H Campbell

Rich Grass and Sweet Water

Ranch Life With the Koch Matador Cattle Company

The Matador Land and Cattle Company

by William Martin Pearce (1964)

Solon Love Owens, Texas Cowboy

by Augusta Owens. [MOTLEY COUNTY]. Smith

An interesting story of life on a Texas ranch told by the daughter of Solon Love Owens born in 1894 including remembrances of his father, James W. Owens, born in 1855 . . . Read more

The Last Stage To Matador-- Touching Lives Along The Way

The Stagecoach. It was ruggedly built--for the land it crossed demanded it be so--and filled with passengers of diverse origins, all following the same dream, and loaded with bags of letters bringing glad tidings to some recipients, and heartbreak to others. This book vividly documents the Journey Stagecoach hitched to a team of four magnificent bays as it once again sets out to deliver pen pal letters across the old west Texas Panhandle, crossing the historic Matador Ranch, the legendary JA Ranch . . . Read more

Of Such As These: A History of Motley County
Books Written by Motley County Authors

Trail Dust: by famed Motley County writer Douglas Meador

On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines--and Future by Karen Elliott House

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Motley County Estates with Unclaimed Money

Motley County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of  Matador and Roaring Springs Texas Left a total $1,013 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs.

Know the Heirs? Let them know See the full list


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