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Books About Tom Green County Texas
These hard to find books are perfect for anyone interested in the history, people and places of Tom Green County Texas


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Early San Angelo

Soon after the Civil War, the city of San Angelo developed around Fort Concho. The mission of this western fort was to protect transportation routes, travelers, and settlers as they moved into territory claimed by Native Americans; and the mission of San Angelo was to make money by providing goods that the military personnel wanted and needed. After Fort Concho created peace in West Texas, it ceased operations. By 1889, however, San Angelo had plenty of dedicated citizens who would create an important western city on . . . Read more Look Inside

A Lone Star Cowboy: Being Fifty Years’ Experience in the Saddle as Cowboy, Detective and New Mexico Ranger

"Early in the coming spring I hired out to Tom Merril (who was later murdered, as was also his young wife, by renegade Mexicans in Tom Green County, Texas), at thirty-five dollars a month, to be oone of his cowboys "up the Chisholm Trail" to  . . . Read more Look inside

Texas Woollybacks: The Range Sheep and Goat Industry

Paul Carlson engagingly chronicles the development of the range sheep and goat industry from Spanish times to about 1930.

"Sam Hill of Tierra Alta, near San Angelo in Tom Green County, built one of the firs wolf-proof fences. Born in 1859, Hill herded sheep as a youth near Austin. In 1880 he began raising sheep for himself. Later, at the turn of the century, be began running cattle and goats in Tom Green County. . . . . " Read more Look inside

Are We Not Foreigners Here?:

Indigenous Nationalism in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

In Are We Not Foreigners Here?, Jeffrey M. Schulze explores how the U.S.-Mexico border shaped the concepts of nationhood and survival strategies of three Indigenous tribes who live in this borderland: the Yaqui, Kickapoo, and Tohono O'odham. "While en route, the 600 or so Kickapoo migrants were attacked by Confederate soldiers near the present-day town of Knickerbocker, Texas, along Dove Creek. The out-numbered and disorganized Confederates were routed by the Kickpoos, with some twenty left dead and nineteen left wounded" . . . Read more Look inside

Texas Ranger Tales II

"The closest the T&P Came to San Angelo, however, was Abilene, eight-nine miles to the northeast. In the mid-1880s, to get the the seat of sprawling Tom Green County, which at that time stretched all the way to New Mexico, a person had only three practical choices o transportation: hors, wagon, or stagecoach .. . . Read more Look inside

More Ghost Towns of Texas

"Ben Ficklin - An estimated sixty-five people drowned in this flood--the greatest natural disaster in the history of Tom Green County. In a situation representative of the incident, members of the Metcalfe family and others sought refuge in the wood frame Metcalfe home. C. D. Foote drove to their home in his carriage to rescue them. but Mrs. Metcalf mistakenly thought that the water had reached" . . . Read more Look inside

Spirits of the Border V: The History and Mystery of the Lone Star State


According to this book of haunted places in Texas, San Angelo is home to 8 mysterious and haunted places . . .  Check it out

Marriage with a Gun to My Head

Robert came to me with a gun in his hand, pointed it to me, and said, If you don't marry me, you wont marry anyone. And if you do, I will look for both of you no matter where you go and kill you both. He cheated, beat me, killed people, was a jealous drunk, and was also a gambler and a rapist, and he never went to prison... "They found where in San Angelo he was, and they called him telling him they had Robert in custody for robbery, and when they told him he believed it and told them to let Robert go because he had done it not Robert. At least he had the , , , Read more Look inside

Spirits of the Border: School Spirits

In this newest installment of this award winning series, the authors look at what they like to call School Spirits! Find Haunted Texas schools in . . .  Levelland, Lindale, Littlefield, Lubbock, Luther, Mcallen, Mesquite, Mission, Monahans, Moody, Nacogdoches, Odessa, Pasadena, Pearsall, Plainview, Rio Hondo, San Angelo, San Antonio, San Benito, San Juan, San Marcos, Santa Ana, Sealy, Seguin, Shafter, Sweetwater, Tyler, Uvalde, Waco, Weslaco, White Oak, and Zapata, Texas . . . Read more

The Trail Drivers of Texas: Interesting Sketches of Early Cowboys

These are the chronicles of the trail drivers of Texas those rugged men and, sometimes, women who drove cattle and horses up the trails from Texas to northern markets in the late 1800s.

"I remained at home until the spring of 1883, when I went to Hearne, Texas, and struck out with an outfit going to San Angelo in Tom Green County" . . . Read more Look inside

Tejano West Texas

Featuring a side of Tejano history too often neglected, author Arnoldo De León shows that people of Spanish-Mexican descent were not passive players in or, worse, absent from West Texas history but instead were active agents at the center of it . . . Read more Look inside

A History Of Texas And Texans; Volume 5

"Her father landed with his family at Galveston about twenty-four hours before the battle of San Jacinto, and he hurried to the spot, joining Houston's army and took part in the glorious battle which gave Texas its independence. Later he spent his career as a farmer near Hempstead in Waller County. Mr. and Mrs.. Harvey's children were: Mrs. Lottie C. Dabney, who died in San Angelo; Peter Harvey, who died in Nugent Texas; and Mrs. L.B. Creath, who is still living and a resident of Abilene, Texas" . . . . Read more


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