Life in Texas from the 1800's to 1950


Border Patrol in 1924 El Paso Texas


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Images of Texas Police
Richardson Texas Police with Cruiser in 1950Richardson Police in 1950

Three Richardson Texas police officers with patrol car in front of city hall in 1950.

El Paso Police Department 1910

43 street cops, detectives and police chiefs of the El Paso Texas Police Department of 1910

El Paso Texas Border Patrol 1924El Paso Texas Border Patrol in 1924

Five Border Patrol officers and their horses

Dallas Police Group Photo from 1914Dallas Police Group Photo in 1914

Dallas Policemen pose with bicycles and early motorcycles in 1914

Lubbock Police Buy Studebakers from Kerr Motor Co 1952Lubbock Texas Police in 1952

Lubbock Police pose with their new Studebaker Commander V-8 patrol cars


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