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Chicken Coop Grants?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced private grants ranging from $500 to $1,000 each will go to fund the city's community gardens including a grant to be used to build a chicken coop in the Bronx.

The mayor says "chicken deputies" from local schools will be appointed to monitor the coop's chicken and egg production.


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Everything You Need to Easily Build an Attractive, Productive and Affordable Backyard Chicken Coop.

How To Build a Chicken Coop

In its simplest form, a chicken coop is a hen house containing nesting boxes where your chickens can lay their eggs while being protected from the weather and possible predators. You'll want your coop to be convenient for you as well. A well designed chicken coop will provide easy access for gathering the eggs and collecting organic manure.

In many ways, a backyard chicken coop or henhouse is the greenest of all home improvements.

You can easily build your coop for less than a hundred dollars from detailed plans or buy ready made coops for a few hundred dollars.





Why Raise Chickens?

In addition to providing a wholesome source of food for your family, a small coop with a few chickens will also act as ever-diligent pest control for your garden happily removing insect pests without pesticide. As a bonus the feathered creatures produce a very good organic fertilizer. . .




Chicken Coop Videos
Austins Chicken Coop Tour
Automatic Chicken Door
Automatic Chicken Feeder
Build a Cheap Chicken Waterer
Chicken Coop Solar Tube
Easy Chicken Coop Layouts
Making a Chicken Tractor
Selecting A Chicken Breed
Gardening with Chickens








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