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County Clerk Promises to Defy Governor, Report Illegal Aliens


Standing firmly with other New York County Clerks in their rebellion against Governor Spitzerís directive, Cortland County Clerk Elizabeth Larkin says she will not only disobey Spitzerís order, she will report applications from illegal immigrants to the sheriff.

Larkin says the Governorís order violates her oath of office by requiring her to break Federal laws. She says she could be charged with a federal felony.

"if I'm aiding and abetting in any way providing's a five year imprisonment term. I have a family. I'm not going to do it," Larkin said in an interview with WSTM-TV reporter Jim Kenyon.

She says unless the Governor rescinds his order, she will post orange signs inside the DMV office in Cortland, in English. They would warn illegal immigrants applying for a license, that they would be immediately reported to the Cortland County Sheriff's Department. When asked if she was threatening them with arrest, Larkin replied: "if they're illegal, that's their choice."

The Cortland County Clerk has written to the Chair of the Cortland County Legislature asking that he present a resolution supporting her position to the full legislature.


For more on this please read NY County Clerks Rebel Against Governor's Plan




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