Life in Texas from the 1800's to 1950

Life in Crosby County Tx in 1939

Crosby County, Texas in 1939. Images are from the US Farm Security Administration - Office of War (FSA) . Original FSA photos and negatives are archived in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress. You can browse and view more than a thousand images of early life in Texas in our Historical Texas Collection. .


Life on the Farm in Crosby County Texas 1939Life on the Farm in Crosby County Texas 1939


Boy Drinks from Burlap Covered Jug

Drinking water from jar covered in wet burlap on farm near Ralls, Texas in 1939

Rapping a glass jug in wet burlap would keep the contents slightly cooler than if it was left uncovered . . .

Thirsty Farmer Drinks from Canvas Bag

Thirsty Farmer Drinks from Canvas Bag

On a hot summer morning on a farm near Ralls Texas in 1939, a farmer pauses for a cold drink of water from a canvas bag. Hung from tractor fenders, car hood ornaments and side view mirrors, military vehicles or from a cowboy's saddle horn . . . read more and view large image

Making the Final Adjustments to Planter in 1939Setting Up a Four Row Lister / Planter in 1939

Farmer in Crosby County Texas changes plow points and makes final adjustments to his 4-row lister planter in 1939.


Sitting on Dad's tractor 1939Sitting on Dad's Tractor Near Ralls, Texas in 1939


Changing plow points 1939Changing plow points on four-row planter Crosby County Tx 1939


Laundry Day in 1939Laundry Day on the farm in Crosby County Texas in 1939

Farmer's wife hangs laundry on clothes line to dry on farm near Ralls Texas in 1939.

Crosby County Farmer 1939Crosby County Farmer 1939

Farmer sits on his new tractor in 1939 on a farm near Ralls Texas.

1939 Allis-Chalmers Tractor

Allis-Chalmers Tractor with planter and go-devil attached Ralls Tx 1939

The "Go Devil" was a popular attachment for tractors in the 1930's through the 1960's.



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