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Life in Deaf Smith County Tx 1892-1950

Pictorial history of life in Deaf Smith County depicts everyday life in Deaf Smith County, Texas from 1892 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers.




Hereford Texas in the Early 1900's

Old photo of Hereford Texas from postcard advertising Good Auto Service proudly shows off new wealth with multitude of cars and oil derricks. This photo is so clear you may be able to recognize your ancestors as they sit in their period cars. See large image

Hereford Texas Street Scene in 1909

In 1909 Hereford was booming. This photo shows the fancy cars and their proud occupants as they drive past Hubbard Barnet Dry Goods

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Dawn Hotel Deaf Smith County Tx in 1943

Once a bustling railroad stop, Dawn Texas featured the Dawn Hotel which was a popular stop over point on the way to Hereford. This photo shows the town as it was in 1943 when the Dawn Hotel, a water tower and outhouse was about all that was left. Expand the photo for the full scene.

Waiving goodbye at the Dawn, Texas Railroad Depot 1943

Railroad worker waive to each other from cabooses as they pass each other at the train station in Dawn Texas.

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Edward Connell

Ed Connell was a Texas Ranger, XIT Ranch security officer and Sheriff of Parmer and Deaf Smith Counties. He got his start in law enforcement while serving as a Texas Ranger under Captain Bill McDonald . . . read more and see larger image


Warren Hardware Company in 1909

Shoppers walk the concrete sidewalk and horse drawn carriages and early automobiles drive on the dirt street in front of the Warren Hardware Company where farm implements were sold including Emerson Planters and P&O Canton plows. Expand photo

Cave Turned Into Post Office

The Dean Post Office is located in a caliche rock cave on the North bank of the Palo Duro Creek served as the local post office from 1892 to 1899. It is located near the site of an old Indian campground and reliable live water spring. Individual “boxes” were hand dug into the wall . . . view larger and read more

Railroad Depot Hereford Tx 1943

Photo of the Railroad Depot in Herford Texas in 1943

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US Library of Congress Prints and Photographs

Vintage Texas Photos

Davick Services History Page (Facebook)

Postcards from the Panhandle (Facebook)

Browse and view more than a thousand images of early life in Deaf Smith County and throughout the state in our Historical Texas Collection. .


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