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Famous People from Scurry County, Texas.


Scurry County's most famous people have achieved worldwide recognition. They were born here, raised here, or lived here and have caught the attention of the national media, historians and collectors.


Kevin AlejandroKevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro was born April 7, 1976. From age eight he was raised in Snyder Texas. He is an actor best known for his roles in Southland, True Blood and Lucifer.. . .  more about Alejandro

Tanner Beard photo from IMDbTanner Beard

Neal Tanner Beard was born on September 16th 1984 in a Big Spring Hospital just outside his hometown of Snyder. He is a successful  film and television actor and director . . . more

Powers Boothe in DeadwoodPowers Boothe
Screen tough guy Powers Boothe was born on June 1, 1948 in Snyder, Texas. A farmer's son, he played football and appeared in school plays at Snyder High School . . . more about Boothe
Sam Cain from Snyder TexasSam Cain

Sam Wayne Cain was born May 3, 1974 in Snyder Texas. He is and actor known for his performances in Living/Dead, Mama's Got a Cowboy and #Captured . . . more Sam Cain

Kristi Cline - Model and ActressKristi Cline

Kristi Cline was born on May 4, 1980 in Lubbock, Texas. Cline attended Snyder High School in Snyder, Texas where she was a cheerleader. She is a model and actress . . .  more Kristi Cline

Actress Charlene Holt in El DoradoCharlene Holt

Charlene Holt was born Verna Charlene Stavely in Snyder, Texas April 28, 1928. She was a famous beauty pageant winner, actress and model . . . more Charlene Holt

Dick Jones in Buffalo Bill, JrDick Jones

Richard Percy "Dickie" Jones was born February 25, 1927 in Snyder Texas. The son of a newspaper editor, at the age of six Dickie caught the attention of western actor Hoot Gibson . . . more

Jane Gilmore Rushing - author novelist

The famed novelist lived in Lubbock for most of her career. She grew up in Pyron a West Texas community that is now a ghost town in southeastern Scurry County, Texas . . . continued

Barry Tubb

Born in Snyder Texas February 13, 1963 he is a 1981 graduate of Snyder High School. Tubb is a television and film actor, director and writer and rodeo bull rider . . . more Tubb

Robert T. McDorman
Ted White - born January 25, 1926 stuntman raised in Snyder aka Ted Bayouth
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