Life in Crosby County Texas from 1800s to 1950

Thirsty Farmer Drinks from Canvas Bag in 1939

Farmer Drinks from Canvas Bag

Flax Canvas Water BagsOn a hot summer morning on a farm near Ralls Texas in 1939, a farmer pauses for a cold drink of water from a canvas bag. Water drawn from the windmill in the background will seep through the bag all day and keep the contents cool by evaporation. Hung from tractor fenders, car hood ornaments and side view mirrors, military vehicles or from a cowboy's saddle horn, these leaky canvas bags were very popular throughout the desert southwest from the early 1900's to late 1960's.

Produced using cotton or flax canvas, the bags came in a variety of sizes designed for specific uses. Longer bags were designed to be hung in front of radiators of early cars to help keep the engine cool. The bags started out tasting like flax, but a well aged sweet water bag was precious item. Much sought after by collectors, decorators and others for sentimental reasons, they are rare today, you can still find vintage canvas water bags for sale.


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