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Difficult to find, Incredible to use: An HP Capshare Could Save You $1000's Each Year!


Hewlett Packard stopped producing the CapShare in 2000.  After it was discontinued, the company was overwhelmed with requests to bring back this incredible little scanner. The company responded with the HP 920 but this model has since been discontinued as well. Originally priced at $300, today, the Capshare sometimes sells for as much as $1500 in online auctions.


HP Capshare

There simply is nothing on the market today that compares with the HP Capshare for ease of operation and dependability. If you can find one (new or used), grab it!


We paid $750 for our first Capshare and with copy costs at the courthouse running $1 per page, it paid for itself in less than a month.


When we were lucky enough to find a second Capshare on eBay for $250, we grabbed it. It is an investment we have never regretted. The Capshare saves our company tens of thousands of dollars every year so please don't ask to buy ours.


This scanner will only become more scarce. Once Gone - No More! If you see a Capshare below, don't hesitate to get yours while you still can. You may never have another chance and these are covered by eBay's Buyer Protection Plan.


A good alternative to the Capshare that uses the latest technology is Brookstone iConvert Portable Document and Photo Scanner




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