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Hockley County Unclaimed Estates

Hockley County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Hockley County Left a total $22,808 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Know the Heirs? Please share or tag your Family and Friends from Levelland, Anton, Smyer, Whitharral, Sundown and Ropesville Texas to Let the heirs know they can collect from the Texas Comptroller's Office.

NOTE: This report is provided free with the sincere hope the rightful heirs will claim their inheritance. It is not an offer for housing or credit. The word estate as used here, refers to assets left by deceased people to their heirs and is not a reference to real estate. There is a link at the bottom where you can search by individual deceased name and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

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Tommy Rutledge Estate $2,775 Whitharral
Estate Of Joe Houchin $2,500 Anton
Jeynette Simmons Estate $2,014 Levelland
Tommy Rutledge Estate $1,939 Whitharral
Estate Of Dovie Long $1,891 Smyer
Estate Of Wayland W Fred $1,234 Levelland
Connie J Goad Estate $1,176 Levelland
Estate Of Juan Hernandez $1,000 Ropesville
Warren Clifford Tipton Estate $972 Levelland
Estate Of Lavena Skelton $777 Levelland
Estate Of Juanita Stone $470 Levelland
Pearl White Estate Tr $443 Levelland
Pearl White Estate Trust $427 Levelland
Estate Of Sue Pledge $409 Levelland
Estate Of Zelma King $374 Levelland
Roger White Estate $304 Levelland
Warren Dan Thurman Estate $303 Levelland
W R Wheeler Estate $266 Levelland
Estate Of Guadalupe Garcia $207 Levelland
Schroeder Tommy L Estate $182 Ropesville
Estate Of J Reynolds $160 Levelland
White Pearl Estate Trust $155 Levelland
Pearl White Estate Trust $155 Levelland
Peral White Estate Trust $155 Levelland
Tommy L Schroeder Estate $150 Ropesville
Tom Harben Estate $143 Levelland
Schroeder Tommy L Estate $127 Ropesville
Joe Freeman Estate $119 Levelland
Estate Of Carden, Ronnie M $118 Levelland
Don Harris Estate $111 Levelland
Estate Of Eva Byrd $108 Levelland
Estate Of Charles F Thomas Jr $88 Levelland
Estate Of William Golaz $87 Anton
Estate Of Jack L Key $84 Levelland
Paul Neiland Roberts Estate $82 Levelland
Estate Of Charles F Thomas Jr $77 Levelland
Guy E Coleman Estate $76 Anton
Estate Cathryn J Skinner $75 Smyer
Estate Of Michael Hutchins $73 Levelland
Dan Carter Estate $64 Ropesville
Estate Of Betty Greener $62 Levelland
Estate Of Lavena L Skelton $61 Levelland
Carter Estate $60 Ropesville
Oleta Riley Estate $58 Levelland
Estate Of Rodgers Avis $58 Levelland
Oleta Riley Estate $58 Levelland
Oleta Riley Estate $57 Levelland
Cook Mildred Estate $55 Ropesville
Oleta Riley Estate $55 Levelland
Barney R Lewis Estate $50 Levelland
Estate Of Barbara Pitzer $47 Levelland
Guy E Estate Coleman $46 Anton
Estate Of Lewis Perez $42 Levelland
Guy E Estate Of Coleman $40 Anton
Matthew Estate Of Stanley $40 Levelland
Stacy Gary Estate Trust $32 Levelland
William Thomas Green Estate $32 Sundown
Estate Sammie Wayne Long $31 Levelland
Mildred Cook Estate $30 Ropesville
Roger White Estate $26 Levelland

This is a partial list showing only Hockley County unclaimed estates. To dig deeper -  Browse unclaimed estates by county or See more sorted by city

Texas has returned more than $3 billion in unclaimed property to its rightful owners. All money is held with the Texas Comptroller's office indefinitely until returned to the rightful owner.


Did You Find Money? Claim Your Family's Inheritance at Claim it Texas Texas' Official Unclaimed Property Site.


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