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Home Stolen - Twice!

Jan Forster -

A Kentucky couple's home was stolen twice before they even knew about it. Until the retired couple began receiving mail for a man they'd never heard of, there was no indication anything was amiss. Then their bank called.

A fraud investigator from the bank informed them that there had been two new deeds recorded on their home. Unlike a man in Canada who recently  was barred from entering his own home without 'permission' from the home thief, this couple was free to stay in the home while things were cleared up.

It should come as no surprise that security expert David Bloys of News for Public Officials was able to quickly and easily find this couple's personal information on their county website. The website offered everything needed to commit such a crime, free of charge, and at the courtesy of their own local, elected, officials.

Agent Paul Johnson of the Louisville, Kentucky branch of the Secret Service said the case illustrates how easy it is to commit such fraud.

"We think that there is a serious problem with mortgage fraud, and there's definitely a problem with identity theft," Agent Johnson said.

Don't wait until you're a victim. Get in touch with me by sending an email to We'll check your records free of charge and send a detailed report back to you, along with suggestions on how to remove the information from public - worldwide - view.

Editors Note: Janice Forster is a senior analyst with . She has helped hundreds of identity theft victims and potential victims discover and remove their sensitive information from government websites. Her work was recently featured in U.S.A Today's Good cybercitizens keep watch over ID-theft victims




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