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Famous People from Floyd County, Texas.

Jimmy Owens

Jimmy Owens and His Discoveries


Born in Floyd County Texas April 1, 1950, and raised in Floydada, Owens spent years exploring Blanco Canyon southeast of Floydada. In 1993 he made a discovery in a ravine that would change history. Archeologists today believe Owens discovered the site of a terrible hailstorm that pummeled  Coronado and his army of 2,000 including 200 high-status Spaniards, allied Indians , slaves, ferriers, carpenters and other civilians in 1541.


One of the chroniclers of the expedition wrote of that night, "While the army was resting in this ravine...a tempest came up one afternoon with high wind and hail, and in a short time, hailstones as big as bowls, or bigger, fell as thick as raindrops.... The negroes protected the horses by holding large sea nets over them, with helmets and shields.... The hail broke many tents, battered many helmets, wounded many horses, and broke all the crockery of the army...which was no small loss because they do not have any crockery in this region".


"It's like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates down there. You never know what you're going to get," Owens told a reporter from the Christian Science Monitor.


The artifacts Owens found would have been valued in the six figures by collectors on the open market. But he chose to share his discovery with archeologists  which led to the recognition of the site. As a result, it was named for him.


Just five years after Jimmy made his discovery, he died March 13, 1998 at age 47. Grateful archeologists named the site after him. He is buried in the Floyd County Memorial Park


Comments from People Who Knew Jimmy
Jimmy had keys to every gate in Floyd county he was very good about sharing with land owners what he found. He was honest and trust worthy. He once found and infant Indian baby grave in a cave. The baby was buried with bow and arrows and saddles one saddle had a 150 silver conchos on it. He was a comedian he told me once about buying a snake charmer .410 to shoot rattlers with. Said he cut a notch in it every time he killed one said he had to stop he had just about whittled the stock off. We wound up brother in laws but he was the first kid I met when we moved to Floydada from Amarillo. I always liked Jimmy. Paul D Stout on Facebook
Not only did i know him well but much of what he found was on my family’s ranch. He tirelessly searched all throughout the county and his discoveries did indeed rewrite history. Austin Williams on Facebook


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