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Famous People from Hale County Texas
Lanora Cuellar
Lanora Cuellar
Lanora Cuellar was born in Plainview Texas December 12, 1975. A 1995 graduate of Plainview High School where her attention was directed more to sports and rodeo instead of drama and theater acts. Today she is an actress, screen writer and producer.

Cuellar's first exposure to movie making came in 1992 when Paramount brought the cast of “Leap of Faith” to Plainview and she acted in the film in an uncredited role when she was 17. After high school she worked at Arby’s years ago when there was a location in Plainview, and was a waitress at various local restaurants before getting the acting bug and moving to Dallas. She studied at KD Studios in Dallas from 2001 to 2002, while working at The GAP. That’s when she got her first break in the acting field, appearing in a TV commercial for the City of Dallas as well as serving as an extra in several movie and TV productions.



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