Life in Texas from 1900 to 1950

Life in Armstrong County Tx 1800s to 1950


Armstrong County, Texas from 1800's to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers. Click on photos to view larger.


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Scarborough Saloon Claude Texas 1890Blackie the Bear Drinking Beer from a bottle outside the Scarborough Saloon in Claude Texas in 1890
Farm Scene in Armstrong County Texas 1909Farm Scene Near Claude Texas in 1909

Two horse team pulls harrow in this scene from Armstrong County in 1909


First Class of the Goodnight College 1898First Class of the Goodnight College 1898

Students: John McDonald, Herbert Jones, Joe Kesterson, D. Vaugher, Roy Vineyard, John Mackelhaney, Charley McClaren, Bess and Clyde Norvell, Ella and Minnie Dyer, Bill and Maggie Burns, Georgie Caperton, Relan and Annie Vaughn, Flora Hunter, Lou Goodnight . . .

Goodnight Baptist Academy Football Team 1900Goodnight Baptist Academy Football Team c1900
Goodnight College staff and families - 1901Goodnight College Staff and Families in 1901
Goodnight College Boys Dorm - 1901Goodnight College Boys Dorm - 1901

Earl Payne and Bill Hill are identified in this old photo. Can you identify others?

Goodnight College Girls Dorm - 1901Goodnight College Girls Dorm in 1901
Molly and Charles Goodnight Molly and Charles Goodnight

Mary Ann Dyer "Molly" Goodnight married Charles in 1870. Molly died in 1926. Charles Goodnight died three years later in 1929

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