Life in Texas from the 1800's to 1950

Life in Lubbock County Tx 1900 to 1950


Lubbock County, Texas from 1900 to 1950 from archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers.


Cowboys Celebrating End of Cattle Drive in 1902

Cowboys Celebrating End of Cattle Drive in 1902

In Lubbock, Texas


Shallowater Mercantile and Bank in 1913 and Today

N.R. Porter, an early Lubbock County settler, moved the wooden structure over eleven miles of rutted roads from Lubbock to Shallowater in 1913 . . .


First Train Rolls into Lubbock in 1909

First Train to roll into Lubbock in 1909

When the first train rolled into Lubbock schools closed and everyone who could be there to welcome the train turned out for this rare photo.


Lubbock Texas in 1890

Lubbock in 1890 before town site is laid out

Early pioneers of Lubbock County pose for picture in 1890 pose for picture of what would become Lubbock Texas.


Shallowater Texas  in 1913

Shallowater Celebrates Arrival of Railroad in 1913

Band turns out to celebrate the arrival of the first train in Shallowater, Texas in 1913.


Boys Loading Wagon in 1900

Boys Loading Wagon at the Slaton Livery Barn in 1900

The expression on the faces of these young boys as they load a freight wagon illustrates just how hard the work was in Slaton Texas in 1900.


Slaton, Texas Post Office  in 1910

Slaton Post Office with Postmistress and Patrons 1910

Two men and their dog pose with Slaton Postmistress in front of the Slaton Post Office in 1910


Wilselma Theatre in Slaton Texas in 1920

Wilselma Theatre in Slaton Texas in 1920

Young boys wait for the theater to open in Slaton in 1920.


Lubbock Street Scene from the 1930's

Lubbock Street Scene from the 1930's


Kerr Motor Studebaker Dealership in Lubbock Texas in 1950

Studebaker Dealership in Lubbock Texas in 1950

Kerr Motor Company shows it's lineup of 1950 Studebakers


Dust Storm Of 1939 in Lubbock Texas

Dust Storm of 1939 in Lubbock Texas


View from Lubbock County Courthouse

View from Lubbock County Courthouse in the 1940s


George M Hunt School Class of 1936 Lubbock Texas

George M Hunt School Yearbook Class of 1936 in Lubbock

Children, parents and teachers pose in this composite of the George M Hunt School . The class roll for 1936 is also included.


Gin in New Deal Texas 1930

Gin in New Deal Texas with Farmall F30 tractors 1930's

W.O. Fortenberry Gin with tractors and drivers lined up beside owners and Conoco tanker truck in background.


Daniel's Gin in Wolfforth TX 1930s

Daniel's Gin in Wolfforth Texas in the 1930s

Woman walks along highway past Daniels Gin and Model T pulling cotton trailer in Wolfforth in 1930's. Smoke fills the air in background from burning cotton burrs and trash.



Circus Parade Lubbock Texas 1910's

Circus Parade in Lubbock Texas in 1912-1919

Early residents of Lubbock line the street with their Model Ts to watch elephants and and other exotic animals pulling carriages in the circus parade.


Lubbock's First Mosquito sprayer 1947

Lubbock's First Mosquito Sprayer at Work in 1947

City worker stands on running board of the City of Lubbock truck to tend the fogging machine filling the air with insecticide as they drive down dirt road past playground in 1947.


Railroad Station Slaton Texas 1914

Railroad Station in Slaton Texas in 1914

Five men in front of the Slaton Railroad Station in 1914


Woman at Corner of Broadway and K in Lubbock in 1950's

Woman at Corner of Broadway and K in Lubbock in 1950's


Broadway Looking East Lubbock Tx 1940s

Looking East Down Broadway in Lubbock in the 1940s

WW2 Scrap Metal Drive in Slaton Texas

Patriotic citizens of Slaton deposit large pile of scrap metal on main street in 1944. Slaton stores in background include O.Z. Ball and Co., Texas Utilities, Barber Shop, Drug Store, Texas Grocery, Jewelry store and the Dry Goods Store.


Slaton Texas Fire Department in 1940

Slaton Texas Fire Department in 1940

Eleven Fireman pose with fire trucks in front of the Slaton Fire Station in 1940


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