Life in Texas from the 1800's to 1950

Life in Tom Green County Texas from 1900 to 1950

Tom Green County, Texas from 1900 to 1950 as pictured in archived government photographs, vintage postcards, old school yearbooks and newspapers.


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4H boys with sheep in San Angelo Tx 19404H boys with sheep in San Angelo Tx 1940

Two teen-aged boys proudly show off their prize lamb in 1940. . . . Zoom in

Barbershop in San Angelo, 1908Barber Shop in San Angelo, 1908

Barbers in vests and ties stand ready to cut patrons' hair with various tonics lining the shelves in background in this photo from 1908. see full size

Boy Watches San Angelo Rodeo in 1940Boy Watches San Angelo Rodeo in 1940

All dressed up in cowboy hat and bandana this young boy looks forward to the day when he can join the rest of the cowboys in the rodeo arena. He would be about 84 today. Do you recognize him? Take a closer look

Chadbourne Street in San Angelo in 1900

Busy day on Chadbourne Street in San Angelo as buggies, wagons and a few very early cars fill the dirt street in the early 1900's. View full size

Chadbourne Street San Angelo 1919Chadbourne Street Scene San Angelo in 1919

By 1919 horse drawn buggies have been replaced by early cars on the now paved Chadbourne Street and a big welcome sign has been stretched across the street. View Full Size

Chadbourne Street San Angelo 1930'sChadbourne Street San Angelo 1930's

The 1930's saw Chadbourne street transformed into an auto center with businesses on both sides offering cars and service to the model A's and T's that lined the street. The Auto Company, Highway Garage and Ford Tire Store can be seen. See the full image

Model T Converted into Truck in 1920Old Car Converted into Truck near San Angelo Texas in 1920

In 1920 a farmer and his wife posed for a picture in their old car they converted into a truck complete with rifle mounted on side. look closer

Branding Cattle in Tom Green County in 1907Branding Cattle in Tom Green County in 1907

The Iron is hot for these cowboys near San Angelo in 1907. Branding was necessary to help ranchers identify new calves and to protect against rustlers.

Landon Hotel San Angelo, Texas in 1909Landon Hotel San Angelo, Texas in 1909

The Landon Hotel was a busy place in 1909 San Angelo. Pedestrians and buggies cause traffic jam as trolley unloads passengers . . . see full size

Cattleman with His Horse at 1939 San Angelo AuctionCattleman with His Horse at 1939 San Angelo Auction

Cowboy stands with his horse at the coral of the San Angelo cattle auction in 1939

Zoom In

Man takes family milk cow to market in 1939Cow in Trailer Towed by Car in San Angelo 1939

Man takes family milk cow to market in low sided trailer. Many families kept kept milk cows in their back yards in 1939 often staking them them out to graze in vacant lots.


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