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Famous People from Ector County Texas
Mallie Jackson
Mallie Jackson was born on November 16, 1956 in Odessa, Texas, as Mallie Kay Jackson. She is Permian High School Class of 1975 graduate. Mallie is an actress who appeared in more than 15 movies and television series from 1979 to 1986. She played the part of Retta Rollins in  the 1982 film, Daddy, I'm Their Mama Now and Regina in Hollywood Harry in 1986.

On television she played the part of Arlene on Happy Days and Amy on Quincy, M.E. in 1981. She was Peggy on the Dukes of Hazzard in 1980 and Laura on The Fall Guy in 1984. Mallie starred in Ronnie James Dio Video for MTV titled "Rock N Roll Children"

Mallie now goes by her married name Mallie Kay Flock. She lost her father, James D. “Jimmy” Jackson on June 5, 2018. Jimmy moved to Odessa with his family soon after his birth where he spent his childhood, married his high school sweetheart, June Haines, and raised his two daughters.


Permian High School - Class of 1975

James Jackson Obituary

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