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Robosigners in Your Records

Known and Suspected Robo-Signers Adams to Arias

Robo-signers are mortgage lending company employees who signed off on mortgage and foreclosure documents without reviewing them, as the law requires. If your mortgage or foreclosure documents contain signatures of known robosigners you may qualify for judicial foreclosure reversal or mortgage nullification.

Adams, Muriel

Afzal, Ahmad

Aguilar, Greene Angela

Aguilar, Ricki

Agular, Karla

Akpanah, Delia

Alagic, Sanela

Alanis, Angelica

Albertson, Al-Hammadi

Alexander, Regina

Alexander, Sandy

Alfonso, Luisa

Al-Hammadi, Wendy Albertson

Allen, Christina

Allen, Greg

Allison, Lisa

Allotey, Liquenda

Altman, Robert

Amico, Christopher

Anderson, Christine

Anderson, Diana

Anderson, Earitha

Anderson, Scott

Antonelli, Anita

Arango, Patricia

Arce, Michael Matthew

Arias, Letic

Arias, Leticia



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Banks Issuing Robosigner Foreclosure Settlement Checks

The five largest mortgage servicers in the country were sued for “issuance of improper mortgages, premature and unauthorized foreclosures, violation of service members’ and other homeowners’ rights and protections, the use of and false and deceptive affidavits and other documents, and the waste and abuse of taxpayer funds.”  Florida Times Union


Liquenda Allotey Signature found in Lubbock County Records

Allotey robosigner signature


Robosigner Greg Allen signature found in MERS assignment filed in Palm Beach County Florida.

Gregg Allen Robosigner Sig


Christina Allen signature as seen in video report

Robosigner Christina Allen Signature

Is Your Mortgage Robosigned?

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Suspected Robosigners

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