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Find unique artifacts, memorabilia, historical and ancestry records in these treasures from Midland County Texas. Vintage or antique, these hard to find items are perfect for anyone interested in the history of Midland County and the people from Midland, Odessa, Chub, Cotton Flat, Greenwood, Spraberry, Dameron City and Germania.

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Books about Midland County People and Places

A History of Character: The Story of Midland, Texas

Midland (Images of America)

A Red Raider Officer’s Diary during WWII by Carrol G Henry from Midland Texas

The Pioneer History of Midland County, Texas 1880-1926

The Rainbow's Shadow: Untold Stories of the Baby Jessica Rescue and the Tragedies that Followed

To God Be the Glory: A history of First Baptist Church of Midland, Texas 1886-1975

The first one hundred years, 1867-1967: The Memorial Presbyterian Church of Midland

Finding Will: When a toddler disappears in Midland, Texas.

The Midland Discovery: A Report on the Pleistocene Human Remains from Midland Texas

Small Business in the United States: A Field Study of three Chinese Restaurants in Midland Texas

Midland Texas Yearbooks

Cookbooks from Midland Texas

Midland County Estates with Unclaimed Inheritance

Midland County County Unclaimed Estates

These Deceased Residents of Midland County Left a total $610,439 in Unclaimed Money for their heirs. Please share this with your family and friends from Midland Texas to let them know how to claim their inheritance from the Texas Comptroller's Office. . . .  See the full list

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