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Most Popular Home Improvement Projects

Most Popular Home Improvement ProjectsRather than buying a new home, home owners are repurposing spaces and making more efficient use of the home they have with home improvement projects that allow your home to adapt to your needs over time.

A new survey released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows common remodeling projects have increased in popularity since 2010. The survey describes the changes the remodeling market has undergone in recent years as homeowners increasingly turn to remodeling as an option to moving.

The most popular home improvements are bath remodeling and kitchen upgrades. The most common reason is a need to repair or replace an existing component followed closely by a desire for newer and better amenities. More than 60 percent of remodelers reported increased demand for repairs and replacements of old components in the past two years, while more than half of remodelers said that the desire for upgraded amenities increased.

In addition to kitchens and baths, the most popular home improvement projects include window and door replacements (44 percent), whole house remodels (35 percent), room additions (33 percent) and handyman services (31 percent).

The survey polled hundreds of professional remodelers across the country to determine what home improvement projects were the most requested by their customers.

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