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Are Online Searches Reliable?

Imagine seeing this disclaimer at the bottom of a title report. "makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy of reliability of the content "
Or this, "shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for any damages in connection with the use of information contained herein" 

But this is exactly the disclaimer used by online county websites. Attorneys who draft these disclaimers may know more about the reliability of the data the sites provide than  abstractors and researchers who use the websites without reading the disclaimers. The plain truth is - these sites are not safe!

County Websites have been forced by law and lawsuits to remove sensitive and confidential documents. Whole blocks of documents have been quietly removed from display without notification to the online public, but the public is warned in the website disclaimers. 

Tax liens, judgments, probates and divorce records are often not shown in the online indexes but can only be seen at the courthouse. In fact, many states prohibit the individual records of police and emergency workers from appearing online. 

Any report that is based on what can be found on the county website is based on incomplete records and should carry the same disclaimer as the source.

Promoters of online searches claim accuracy and completeness on the front page stating they offer the same documents and indexes available at the courthouse. It simply isn't true. Any abstractor that relies on the online records is placing his company and his client at risk.

In the following,  Lisa Ramsey with Professional Research offers two examples of the differences between a searches done online and  searches completed at the courthouse by a professional local researcher.

Lisa Ramsey writes:

The first sheet shows what you get with online searching as many of the vendor management companies are taking on doing themselves instead of sending to abstractors.  This first sheet is run by the Grantor/Grantee name as shown by the top left hand corner and is the only viewing that can be done online.  The second sheet shows the legal description run - a capability only at the courthouse level - which all the sudden 2 assignments pop up.  There is a third capability that I have found and keep a secret for an edge over other abstractors for assignments that don't show up either of these ways!  As you can see these done over the internet would result in a "none found" to you and you will keep incurring additional expense in recording assignments over and over again when they are there in the first place. 

Dallas County Comparison  

Index from Web search

Index from Courthouse

Denton County Comparison

Index from Web search

Click on the image to view full size

Index from Courthouse

Click on the image to view full size


At Davick Services we are committed to providing our clients with accurate, complete and timely reports direct from the courthouse.

No researcher can be more reliable, accurate, or timely than his source. Only a local abstractor working directly with the official Public Records and indexes held in the courthouse can offer the reliability and accuracy your clients demand.


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