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Famous People from Bailey County Texas
Paula Paul
Paula Paul
Paula Paul was born Paula Griffith on her grandparentsí cotton farm near Shallowater, Texas. She graduated from a country high school near Maple, Texas in Bailey County. She is the award-winning and best-selling author of more than thirty novels including Forgetting Tommie and Inherited Sins, as well as her best-selling Alexandra Gladstone Mystery Series.

She got her start as a writer working for the Morton Tribune, a weekly newspaper in Morton Texas, during the summers between her student years working towards her journalism degree.

Paul writes extraordinary stories that touch the heart and challenge the mind. Her works cross genres with ease and include historical fiction, literary works, mystery and YA novels.

In about 35 novels, she has taken readers around the world, from from Muleshoe, Morton and Lubbock Texas to Santa Fe and Albuquerque to Charlottesville, Va., from the eighth-century Europe of Charlemagne to the 18th-century Russia of Catherine the Great, from the Yucatan to frontier Colorado, from 14th-century Italy to Victorian England. She has written gothics, childrenís books, young adult novels, historical fiction, cozy mysteries and literary novels, under her own name and pseudonyms such as Catherine Monroe and Paula Carter. But no matter what she writes, no matter what time period or in what far-flung place she sets the story, the West Texas in her bones shines through.

In her 2017 novel, Crazy Quilt, Paula writes about coming back to the places where she grew up, "the year is 1995, twenty years since I was back here for a visit. Twenty years since Mother and Daddy went broke and moved away.  I am passing through this part of West Texas that used to be my home, on my way to visit my Aunty Cora in Lubbock".


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Famous People from Bailey County Texas
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