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Famous People from Cottle County, Texas

Clarence Hailey Long Jr

Clarence Hailey Long Jr.

Born January 9, 1910 in Paducah Texas. In 1949 C H Long was just a hard working cowboy on the sprawling JA Ranch in West Texas. Within days his rugged face became the most recognized face in America and remained so into the late 1950's . . . more about this quiet cowboy

Samuel Nathaniel Morris -  head of the Voice of Temperance radio broadcast

Samuel Nathaniel Morris was born March 6, 1900 in Paducah, Texas. His father had left his mother with two small children two months before Sam was born. Sam's mother went to live with her parents on their farm in Cottle County. . . more about Sam

Maury Bray, American football offensive tackle who played two seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National Football League. He played college football at Southern Methodist University.
William S Heatly usually known as W. S. "Bill" Heatly was a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives who served from 1955 to 1983. Known as the "Duke of Paducah", a reference to his hometown of Paducah, the county seat of Cottle County, Heatly wielded significant political power during his tenure in office.
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