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Famous and Infamous People from Floyd County, Texas.


Floyd County's most famous people have achieved worldwide recognition. They were born here, raised here, or lived here. Historians, fans and collectors are seeking items associated with their names.


Michelle Araujo

Michelle Araujo served as Justice of the Peace in Floyd County from 1999 to 2008. She was well on the way to fame as a local justice until something happened that set her on the path to national infamy . . . read more

Price BrookfieldPrice Brookfield

The professional basketball player was born in Floydada, Texas in 1920. He attended high school in Friona and college at West Texas A&M University and Iowa State.  The 6'4" athlete . . . see more

Don Carthel

Born in Dimmitt, Texas in 1952, Carthel started his coaching career in 1975 under legendary coach L.G.Wilson at Floydada High School in Floydada, Texas . . . more about Coach Carthel

Max CrawfordMax Crawford

Award winning author Max Crawford was born near Blanco Canyon in 1938 and grew up in Floydada, Texas. Many of his novels are set in West Texas . . . more about Crawford

George J. Eade

Born in Lockney, Texas in 1921, the future 4-Star General began his military career in 1942 when he was awarded his pilot wings . . . more about General Eade

All Floyd County VeteransFloyd County Veterans

We honor all our veterans. From the Civil War to Desert Storm and beyond. If they served in peacetime, war or unnamed military conflicts, they are our heroes and we built a monument so they will never be forgotten.  See their names here

Maurice Ewing

Born in Lockney, Texas in 1906, Ewing was the eldest child of of large farming family in Floyd, County. A pioneering geophysicist . . . learn more about this scientist from Floyd County, Texas

Charlene Finkner

Charlene Finkner was born and raised in Floydada. She was a third grade teacher in Floydada until she and her husband Don decided to enter the fashion industry . . . what happened next may surprise those who knew her.

Delbert Henry Linaweaver aka John Edward Thomas

On February 5, 1962, Linaweaver was arrested in Floydada, Texas where he was living after two local men recognized him from a 10 Most Wanted Flyer at the post office . . . continue reading

Joe D. Montgomery

Born in Floydada, Texas in 1918,  Montgomery was an Alaskan politician, educator and businessman . . . read more

Jimmy OwensJimmy Owens

Born and raised in Floyd County Texas, Owens spent years exploring Blanco Canyon southeast of Floydada. In 1993 he made a discovery in a ravine that would change history . . . read more about the Jimmy Owens discovery.


Lucy Dean Record

Lucy Dean Record is a nationally recognized professional musician. Record who will turn 93 on June 1, 2017, has been teaching piano lessons in Lockney, Texas since 1946 . . . more about the Queen of Western Swing

Elish RobertsElish Roberts

Little is known about Elish Roberts. How and when he died in Lockney, Texas brought notoriety to his name . . . learn more

Marsha SharpMarsha Sharp

Sharp first gained recognition for her coaching skills while coaching the Lady Longhorns in Lockney, Texas. She took the rural high school team to . . . read more

Garry TempletonGarry Templeton

Born in Lockney, Texas in Floyd County in 1956, Templeton is a former professional baseball shortstop . . . more about Templeton

David TerrellDavid Terrell

Former NFL safety David Terrell was born in Floydada, Texas in 1975. He attended high school in Sweetwater . . . more about Terrell

Arland ThompsonArland Thompson

Born in Lockney Texas in 1957, Thompson is a former NFL player who turned scientist after his retirement from football in 1987 . . . read more

Damon Washington

Born in Lockney, Floyd County. Texas in 1977, Washington is a former NFL running back . . . more about Damon Washington

Louie WelchLouie Welch

Born in Lockney, Texas in 1918 where his father worked as an auto mechanic and his mother taught Bible class at the Church of Christ . . .  find out why he was famous

Don WilliamsDon Williams

Born in Floydada, Texas in 1939, the celebrated country singer and songwriter grew up in Portland, Texas . . . read more

L. G. Wilson

Legendary head coach and athletic director L.G. Wilson coached at Floydada High School from 1968 to 1982 . . . more on Coach Wilson


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