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Robosigners in Your Records

Including Robosigners Margaret Dalton, Kimberly Dawson and Dianne Dixon

Find these robosigner signatures in your mortgage or foreclosure documents and you may have a case for mortgage or foreclosure nullification.

Robo signer violations include company misrepresentation of the signers, notaries violations, signature mismatches, invalid witnessing of documents, invalid document presentation and other signs of foreclosure mill activity.

Daggs, Nicole

Daggs, Nicole, A

Dallavalle, Cherita

Dalton, Margaret

Darcy (or Dancy), Shantay

Darling, Larry

Davila, Monique

Dawson, Kimberly

Deeter, N

Del'etoile, Erik

Delts, Jody

Dempsey, Donald T

Denny, Raymond, O'brien

Detwiler, Tina

Dhimitri, Alisa

Dian, Mike

Diehl, Lindsey

Dietz, Darline

Dietz, Darlene

Dillman, Barbara

Dixon, Diane

Doan, Tam

Dixson, Cardless

Doko, Dhurato

Doko, Dhurata

Douglas, Sarah, L

Dries, Melinda

Duddy, Karen

Dunnery, John A.


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Documents and Links

Beth Cerni signed as Cheryl Samons in the Law Office of David J Stern, according to the Deposition of Tammie Lou Kapusta


Over the past several years,  Dhurata Doko have signed thousands of mortgage assignments as vice presidents of Citi Residential and other major lenders.

Yet when asked in a recent deposition Doko, a native of Albania who speaks shaky English, expressed befuddlement at the whole idea of loaning someone money to buy a house.

"We donít do mortgages in my country,Ē she said.

Depositions of Alleged Robo-Signers From Nationwide Title Clearing


Tam Doan

. . . loan servicers had employees sign thousands of documents a month without verifying the information. Judges are increasingly questioning whether the servicers have their paperwork in order.

I Was a Robosigner




Suspected Robosigners

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