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Robosigners in Your Records

List of Robosigners Kaminski to Kusich

Robosigner List including Alexandra Kane, Adrienne Kelly and Bill Koch

Find these robosigner signatures in your mortgage or foreclosure documents and you may have a case for mortgage or foreclosure nullification.

Robo signer violations include company misrepresentation of the signers, notaries violations, signature mismatches, invalid witnessing of documents, invalid document presentation and other signs of foreclosure mill activity.

Kaminski, Joseph

Kane, Alexandra

Kapusta, Tammie Lou

Kawass, Dinna

Kazer, Lamet Judith

Kel, Brandon

Kelley, Justin J

Kelly, Adrienne

Kelly, Lakena

Kemp, Kristen

Kennerty, Herman John

Kennerty, John

Kennerty, John Herman

Kirkpatrick, Dennis

Kerr, John

Killman, Marla

Kingston, Pat

Kirchner, Bailey

Kirkland, Tiffany

Kirkpatrick, Dennis

Kirtley, Kraig

Kist, Mary

Klein, Connie

Knighton, Lenecia

Knisley, Nicole

Knowles, Rita

Knox, Cecelia

Koch, Bill

Kosciuk, Henry John

Kowal, Victoria

Krakoviak, Kim

Kusich, Bryan



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Documents and Links

Tammie Lou Kapusta

Kapusta testified that Beth Cerni signed as Cheryl Samons in the Law Office of David J Stern

Deposition of Tammie Lou Kapusta


John Herman Kennerty

Deposition of John Kennerty


Not Just foreclosures

Deceased Woman's Name Was Robo-Signed on Thousands of Affidavits

Martha Kunkle died in 1995. Yet her signature later appeared on thousands of affidavits used to collect credit card debts submitted by one of the nation's largest debt collectors.

Some judges say robo-signing, in which affidavits are signed without fully reviewing underlying documentation, is more common in debt-collection cases than foreclosures. 


Dennis Kirkpatrick

Foreclosure fraud victim's video shows fraudulent signatures of robo-signers Roger Stotts, Erica Johnson-Seck and Dennis Kirkpatrick.

Signature of Dennis Kirkpatrick - Robosigner


Suspected Robosigners

Sorted by Last Name






















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