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Robosigners in Your Records

Robosigner List including Michael James Palermo, Jennifer Payne and David Perez

Find these robosigner signatures in your mortgage or foreclosure documents and you may have a case for mortgage or foreclosure nullification.

Robo signer violations include company misrepresentation of the signers, notaries violations, signature mismatches, invalid witnessing of documents, invalid document presentation and other signs of foreclosure mill activity.

Ohde, Jessica

Ohde, Jessica.

Oivera, Mark A

Okon, Robert C

Opalski, Darlene

Oterino, Mayret

Palermo, Michael James

Palmer, K.H.

Palmer, Kenneth E. Jr

Papke, Liz

Pardo, Juan

Parks, Linda

Patrick, Steven

Payne, Jennifer

Payne, Latresa

Pekusic, D

Pekusic, Damir

Pendley, Christopher

Pereira, Ronald, Emilio

Perez, David

Perez, Brenda, Susana

Perry, Wendy, V

Peterson, Elena

Pettrone, Larry

Phidavanh, Viengmor

Pidala, Andrea

Pirritano, Laura

Politano, Asheligh

Pollack, Billi

Poole, Yolanda

Porter, Kimberly

Portillo, Jose

Pratikakis, Kim

Price, Tamara

Prindle, Michael

Proulx, Dianne


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Documents and Links


Tamara Price

Deposition of Tamara Price


Chris Pendley

Chris Pendley, a former robo-signer was paid $10 an hour to sign up to 4,000 documents a day for a company called "Docs," who describes what his job was like. Pendley's interview CBS News Video


Jose Portillo, Notary

"These deeds were then recorded in all Maryland Counties transferring the foreclosed property back to the purchasing lender and compromising thousands of instruments".

Affidavit of Jose Portillo of Shapiro & Burson

Suspected Robosigners

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