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Protect Your Privacy
Take Our Health Data “Off the Market”

Did you know?  Your prescription data -- including your name, address, date of birth and drug regimen is FOR SALE.  Just imagine the discrimination that occurs if your prescription data gets into the hands of your employer or bank.

Every day all 51,000 pharmacies in the U.S. download, transmit and sell personally identifiable information for every drug they disburse.  Even if you pay cash. 

The main purchasers of this data are insurance companies and underwriters, pharmaceutical companies and other data miners.  Arguably, the data can be bought and sold by anyone who wants to purchase it.

Don't remember agreeing to this?  Well, you didn't.  Take a few seconds to watch this video.

Americans are in the dark about this practice.  No one has ever given informed consent for their personal information to be used in this way.  No one has ever been given the right to opt out of this practice.


You can help Patient Privacy Rights make your prescriptions private. 

1).  Sign the Campaign for Prescription Privacy petition to demand that pharmacy chains stop selling our health secrets.

2).  Spread the word.  Please send this page to all your friends and family so they can protect their private data.

We rely heavily on prescription medications to heal us.  Our drugs are as good as our diagnosis.  Your prescription regimen should be a private matter between you, your doctor and your pharmacist. 

Sign our petition today to take your health data ‘off the market.’


Deborah Peel, MD
Founder & Chair
Patient Privacy Rights




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