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Horn Chairs and Furniture Made By Texas Makers

Cattle horn furniture is thought to have first appeared in America in 1876 when the Tobey Furniture Co. of Chicago displayed an upholstered sofa and chair with arms made of horns at the Chicago Industrial Exposition. It caught on quickly, and the making of items from horns grew and continued, tapering off around 1920. Chairs are the most common type of furniture; horn settees, horn tables, hall trees and hatracks were also made, but in lesser quantities. The making of things from cattle horns became a massive fad that swept across the country. Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois all produced their share of horn furniture . . . As in any field of collecting, there always becomes someone whose work stands out above the others. And so it is with Wenzel Friedrich, Charles Puppe and William C. Mittmann. Here's how to determine the maker. The National Texas Longhorn Museum

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