Texas Estates with $10,000 or more in Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Estates in Texas Probate

Estates with $10,000 to $761,590 in unclaimed money due beneficiaries and heirs. Average estate in this list has $31,285 in unclaimed money. Unclaimed money due estates in Texas is often due to insurance death benefits and mineral royalties. Often these assets are found after probate or when estates are not probated.


The list below may include estates listed more than once due to multiple claims or incorrect addresses. Check this list carefully as it contains misspelled estate names which may be why the estate has unclaimed money available. There is a link at the bottom where you can search and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

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Estate Name Amount   City
Estate O Jerrie $761,590   Port Lavaca
Estate of Marion Margaret Peters $309,148   Mckinney
Estate of Louise Turnage $226,485   Sherman
Estate of Premlata Saigal $166,571   Plano
J Dell Barber Estate $141,618   Abilene
Estate of Larisa Kushnerova The $140,410   Plano
Florrie Harris Estate $128,347   Irving
Estate of Virginia Huffman $123,423   Sherman
Estate of Jimmy Alwert $119,656   Richardson
Estate of Fred U Renfro III $111,785   Midland
Estate of Lucia J Massinger $92,726   Dallas
Estate Of John Day $79,260   Killeen
Estate of Bobby E Johnson $73,429   Midland
The Estate of Marco Collazo $73,180   Dallas
Frank G Nix Estate $72,316   Midland
Estate of Tatum Jaelyn Davila $64,000   Killeen
Estate of Wayne Catching $63,757   Amarillo
Ralph Giaccone Estate $58,862   Brenham
Estate of Florrie P Harris $58,000   Irving
Estate of Stanley P Oberst $57,621   Richardson
Leta C Harrison Estate $56,637   Plano
Estate of Jorge Rico $56,116   San Antonio
Estate of Donald A Harris $55,775   Duncanville
Estate of Connie Jo Hobbs $52,341   Lubbock
Estate of Edward Tempest $50,390   Plano
Estate of Alma S Trueheart $50,008   San Antonio
Carlos Rodriguez Estate $50,000   Brownsville
George Neria Jr Estate $48,593   El Paso
Estate of Wijesuriya P Dayawansa $46,719   Dallas
Estate of James C Mitchell $46,233   Irving
Joel R Butler Estate $43,135   Richardson
Estate of Dale G Chichester $41,992   Texarkana
Estate of Chun Cha Exum $40,753   Corpus Christi
Doyle Wayne Mcleroy Estate $39,950   Early
Don Smith Estate $35,871   Gilmer
Charles David Head Jr Estate $35,427   Plano
Estate of Perletta Fields $35,000   Dallas
Estate of Mr Joe E Mireles The $34,500   Corpus Christi
Helen B Mcafee Estate $34,454   Plano
Mae Whitfield Estate $33,659   Richardson
Estate of Rodney Killiom $30,005   Alvin
Estate of Lydia Soto $30,000   Plano
Estate of Dean G Robinson $29,891   Sherman
Marie Bryson Estate $29,739   Cross Plains
Estate of Geraldine Lucas $29,320   Irving
Estate of Jennifer D Williams $29,231   Houston
Estate of Miriam Sharman $29,215   San Antonio
Estate of Hubert Eggleston $28,491   El Paso
Phetkeo Phetkeo(Estate) $28,441   Odessa
Estate of Ricardo R Martinez $28,273   San Antonio
Gregory Glynn Estate $28,065   El Paso
Estate of William Winfield Dom $27,558   Sherman
Shields Estate of Roy $27,396   Frisco
Estate of Naomi Hogan $27,282   Odessa
Ofelia Parga Estate $27,000   San Antonio
Frank G Nix Estate $26,202   Midland
Estate of Mildred Lofton $26,184   Garland
Estate of Julian Moussu $26,001   Irving
Estate of Kinsela O Rigs $25,672   Dallas
Estate of Rozalyn Rigsby $25,672   Dallas
Clemit N Cathey Estate $25,461   Sherman
Estate of Carlos C Gil Sr $25,413   El Paso
Estate of Darrell Mcinroe $25,377   Idalou
Estate of Ronald Ray Keim $25,079   Poteet
Estate of Cothell D Brown $25,000   Dallas
Estate of James R Boles $25,000   Odessa
Estate of Cecile Wiseman $25,000   Garland
Estate of Arthur W Carothers The $24,202   Corpus Christi
Jerry Estate D Alford $24,177   Duncanville
C Estate of Edwin L Frankenstein $23,827   San Antonio
Raymond L Grace Estate $22,809   Mckinney
Estate of Eugene F Holland $22,725   Corpus Christi
Estate of Malada Tull $22,563   Wolfforth
Estate of Armondo C De Leon $22,005   Brownsville
Diane Bowe Estate $21,318   Amarillo
Darren Gene Moore Estate $21,283   Amarillo
Frank G Nix Estate $21,250   Midland
Estate of Kenneth Morse $21,207   Killeen
Tiffany J Geronzin $20,407   Tye
Estate of Wilma Jenkins $20,358   Odessa
Estate of Gwendolyn Hargrove $20,113   Dallas
Estate of Rowland Beers $19,966   Richardson
Frederick Rimmer Fowler Estate $19,897   San Angelo
Estate of Benita Harmon $19,822   Midland
John H Clendenen Estate Jr $19,581   San Antonio
Estate of Mary Barry $19,509   El Paso
Patsy Adams Archer Estate $19,454   Sachse
Estate of Jesus M Muniz The $19,158   Midland
Estate of Herman Wilson $19,053   Lubbock
Estate of H E Anderson $19,040   San Antonio
Estate of Edward Rivera $19,000   Angleton
Estate of Edward Rivera $19,000   Angleton
Estate of Greg Ballou $18,955   Bells
Estate of Greca Bretto Weaver $18,503   Killeen
Tina Dickens Estate $18,362   San Antonio
Wayland T Pope Estate $18,361   Abilene
Ralph Giaccone Estate $18,143   Brenham
Cypress Creek Estate $18,000   Dallas
W Bill T Stapler Estate $17,938   Killeen
Estate of Harold Jones $17,826   Smithville
Estate of Terry A Wells $17,649   San Antonio
Ernest A Riedel Estate $17,559   Brenham
Estate of Jesus E Moreno $17,488   San Antonio
Estate of Sarah Lee Gibbs $17,290   Rosharon
Estate of Wilma Baylor $17,247   Orange
Estate of Chadwick A Rideau $17,220   Houston
Estate of Doris M Aplin $17,125   Irving
Estate of Charles Huddleson $17,012   Wylie
Estate of Dolores K Zierath $16,779   El Paso
Albert D Dowell Estate $16,523   Marble Falls
Stockton Estate Account $16,398   Brownfield
Vernon Naylor (Estate) $16,057   Gilmer
F Bailey Estate $16,035   El Paso
Estate of Margarita Tarin $15,712   El Paso
Chapman Cooper Estate Of $15,695   Amarillo
Harding White Estate $15,663   Belton
Estate of Alden Luce $15,619   Bandera
Estate of Roy K Shields $15,449   Frisco
William H Frazier Estate $15,381   Mckinney
Estate of Robert C Loftice $15,254   Celina
Estate of George Kamel $15,119   Midland
Estate of Thomas G Langer $15,085   Dallas
Estate of Ovidio Gonzales $15,003   Beeville
Estate of Leonard Ramos $15,000   Midland
Johnny Odell Finley(Estate) $14,957   Plano
Estate of Dennis A Smith $14,690   Garland
Estate of Joann Mcfarland $14,682   Pleasanton
Beulah Jones Geren Estate $14,379   San Antonio
Estate of James R Watts $14,202   Irving
Estate of Charles E Pratt $14,065   Corpus Christi
W Bill T Stapler Estate $14,063   Killeen
Estate of Tony Barrera $13,957   San Antonio
Estate of Jerry Carpenter $13,898   Pampa
Donald Henley Estate $13,812   San Antonio
Estate of Delores Swartwood $13,738   San Antonio
Estate of J R Smith $13,670   Sherman
Estate of Jack L Fulton $13,555   Corpus Christi
Chloe Liddell Estate $13,434   Prosper
Roslyn R Taylor Estate $13,343   Dallas
Estate of Bernard B Whitney $13,298   Carrollton
Estate of Karl J Heine $13,168   Alvin
Wm Miller Estate $13,143   Poteet
Lucia J Massinger Estate $13,118   Richardson
Estate of Juana Castillo $13,081   Lubbock
P C Maxwell Estate $13,058   Irving
Estate of Donald Magnuson $13,006   El Paso
Delores Graham Estate $12,998   Temple
Estate of Ruth Steglich $12,931   El Paso
Estate of Rodney Herring $12,921   Texarkana
Estate of Dorothy M Andreassen $12,847   Garland
Estate of Fred Novak $12,802   Johnson City
Estate of Antonio Gallegos $12,750   Clint
Estate of Harold C Thurman $12,697   La Feria
Estate of Grace M Laird $12,564   Dallas
Rosa L Belcher Estate $12,507   Lyons
Edward C Green Estate $12,500   Temple
Estate of Myrtle F Walker $12,485   Hutchins
The Estate of Park $12,442   Irving
Estate of Elfage Brown $12,402   Richardson
O M Watson Jr Estate $12,179   Midland
Estate of Lucia Lopez $12,097   San Antonio
Estate of Naomi D Blaize $12,081   Dallas
Estate of O Quinn Cairo I $12,058   Abilene
Freddie L Williams Estate Of $12,042   Odessa
Dorothy Drennan Estate $12,029   Big Spring
Kenneth Cox Estate $11,974   El Paso
Chapman Cooper Estate Of $11,750   Amarillo
Estate of Kim Bailey $11,664   El Paso
Estate of Sylvia Alewine F $11,659   Amarillo
Estate of Sam Nichols $11,648   San Angelo
Estate of Paulette Williams $11,489   Carrollton
Estate of Jack Lanee $11,477   Garland
Sam Ares Estate $11,460   Odessa
Estate of Larry Davis $11,353   Garland
Estate of Dorothea Yarbrough R $11,353   El Paso
Estate of Lucille Baker $11,337   Abilene
Estate of Sylvia S Knight $11,275   San Antonio
Bonnie Gilstrap Estate $11,255   San Antonio
Billy Carter Estate $11,104   Dallas
Garay-Escobedo Sylvia Estate $11,100   Garland
Estate of Esther Muery $11,090   Duncanville
Estate of Lemone R Ards $11,089   Garland
Milton Estate $11,000   Midland
Lillian Jackson Estate $10,910   Rockport
Gloria J Barecky Estate $10,903   Corpus Christi
Estate of Helgi Tamm Tamm $10,865   Harlingen
Eugene Estate Hunter $10,861   El Paso
Maria G Martinez Estate $10,800   San Antonio
Fabian Ross Estate $10,756   Big Spring
Arville E Pierce Estate $10,741   Wylie
Estate of Freda Cavin $10,699   Freeport
Gregorio C Gloria Estate $10,697   San Antonio
Willard H Walker Estate $10,693   Corpus Christi
Alta Downeygiles Estate $10,638   Aransas Pass
Estate of Harry P Gutierrez $10,618   San Antonio
Estate of Francis Goodman $10,569   San Angelo
Estate of Tc Klink $10,470   Bastrop
Estate of Leonore Sibert $10,386   San Antonio
Estate of Glendean Young $10,340   Whiteface
Estate of Mae Whitfield $10,329   Richardson
Rowena Seth Estate $10,240   Midland
Estate of James W Moore Jr $10,192   Midland
Estate of William Philips $10,134   Palestine
Estate of Dorothy J Hance $10,056   Lubbock
Estate of Harvey Jackson $10,055   Killeen
Estate of Amanda Muller $10,039   Paradise
Estate of Melba E Coates $10,000   Balch Springs
Estate of Beverly R Lee $10,000   Mckinney
Estate of Leticia Perez $10,000   Brownsville
Estate of Natha $10,000   El Paso
Ethel Hastey Estate $10,000   El Paso


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