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Texas Estates with More Than $1,000 in Unclaimed Money

Thirteen hundred estates with more than $1,000 in unclaimed money due beneficiaries and heirs sorted by city. Average estate in this list has $4,768 in unclaimed money. Unclaimed money due estates in Texas is often due to insurance death benefits and mineral royalties. Often these assets are found after probate or when estates are not probated.


The list below may include estates listed more than once due to multiple claims or incorrect addresses. Check this list carefully as it contains misspelled estate names which may be why the estate has unclaimed money available. There is a link at the bottom where you can search and file a claim for unclaimed property with the Texas Comptroller.

Abilene James P Dunigan Estate $4,168
Abilene Estate of Richard Johnson $1,988
Abilene Estate of Joan E Thomas $1,133
Addison Estate of Richard Skiles $6,807
Addison Estate of Susan Kynkor $4,053
Alvin Estate of Rosea Delgado $9,329
Alvin Estate of Paul Lee Hubbard $1,350
Alvord Lena Upton Estate $9,334
Alvord Estate of Juanita Boydston $3,427
Amarillo Estate of Wayne Catching $63,757
Amarillo Diane Bowe Estate $21,318
Amarillo Darren Gene Moore Estate $21,283
Amarillo Chapman Cooper Estate $15,695
Amarillo Estate of Sylvia Alewine F $11,659
Amarillo Rachel N Bowie Estate $6,346
Amarillo Roger G Gue Estate $6,143
Amarillo Estate of Troy Weems $5,942
Amarillo Estate of Gary Don Zint Decd The $5,767
Amarillo Henry C Abernathy Estate $5,743
Amarillo James Spurlock Estate $5,671
Amarillo Ralph M Hurley Estate $5,638
Amarillo Charles Patrick Oles Estate $5,327
Amarillo Goldie Taylor Estate $5,256
Amarillo Estate of Ar Whitehurst $5,026
Amarillo Estate of Harold N Spurgeon $5,000
Amarillo Estate of Margie Walker $5,000
Amarillo Michael Gold Estate $4,836
Amarillo Estate of Jerry Basden $4,785
Amarillo John L Sullivan Estate $4,228
Amarillo Estate of Jimmy Pearson Sr $4,000
Amarillo William D Chapman Estate $3,716
Amarillo Estate of Joanne Hatley Haynes $3,584
Amarillo Estate of Margaret D Wilson $3,166
Amarillo Rosetta G Wyatt Estate $3,154
Amarillo Estate of Freddie Edmonson Jr $3,000
Amarillo Estate of Barbara A Snider $2,749
Amarillo Estate of Dana Beck $2,651
Amarillo Osie O Morehead Estate $2,626
Amarillo Hutton Leroy Estate Of $2,570
Amarillo Estate of Ethel B Mcgee $2,504
Amarillo Estate of Nova Foote $2,500
Amarillo Estate of Samuel Martin $2,500
Amarillo Louise Weekly Estate $2,498
Amarillo Estate of Alfred Hahn $2,497
Amarillo Estate of David Griego $2,488
Amarillo Estate of Harold Denny $2,417
Amarillo Ronald Gollihugh Estate $2,407
Amarillo John R Sanderson Estate Trust $2,393
Amarillo Estate of Yvonne H Lill $2,365
Amarillo Julia Bird Estate $2,246
Amarillo Elbert E Cannon Estate $2,183
Amarillo Estate of Ralley E Wedel $2,000
Amarillo Nina Mae Reed Estate $1,980
Amarillo Estate of June T Coon $1,802
Amarillo Estate of Linda C Ferracane $1,795
Amarillo Jeannie A Estate Riordon $1,794
Amarillo Oda Lee Ratheal Jr Estate $1,771
Amarillo Lorenzo Franklin Lynn Estate $1,756
Amarillo Lillie Wagner Estate $1,753
Amarillo Arnold Estate of Lynn $1,688
Amarillo Gregory L Ivanoff Estate $1,669
Amarillo Estate of Zelma Mckinney $1,611
Amarillo Wesley Estate Hughes $1,514
Amarillo Estate of Dwayne Poteet $1,493
Amarillo Estate of Ronald L Strout $1,437
Amarillo Estate of Virgil Cline R $1,356
Amarillo Estate of Billy Loflin Jr $1,319
Amarillo Dines Clifford H Estate Of $1,306
Amarillo Estate of Craig Scott Clayton $1,269
Amarillo Estate of Anthony A Roberts $1,225
Amarillo C O Williams Estate $1,207
Amarillo Delma R Brackens Estate $1,203
Amarillo Billie R Johnson Estate $1,193
Amarillo Estate of Leona Blair $1,165
Amarillo Mcmurry Estate of Freda $1,152
Amarillo Estate of James S Hervey $1,125
Amarillo Martha A Webster Estate $1,122
Amarillo Estate of Paul Fabion $1,122
Amarillo Sophia Abramson Estate $1,093
Amarillo George Tim White Estate $1,038
Amarillo Arthur W Reeder Estate $1,022
Amarillo Estate of Ethel Mcdaniel $1,005
Andrews Estate of R C Horton $5,944
Andrews Estate of Michael S Railey $1,466
Andrews James M Miller Estate $1,149
Anton Estate of Joe Houchin $2,500
Aransas Pass Alta Downeygiles Estate $10,638
Aransas Pass Estate of Vera Harris $7,500
Aransas Pass Mary Bonorden Estate $4,624
Aransas Pass Estate O Wood $2,001
Archer City Glen M Pickard, Estate of $1,500
Austin Joel L Moore Estate $3,735
Austin Estate of Millie S Harris $3,116
Austin Estate of Shama Gamkhar $1,973
Austin Estate of Louis Shuler $1,846
Austin Estate of Kenneth Parks $1,722
Austin Estate of Joyce M Springer $1,383
Austin Estate of Carmen Bland $1,364
Austin Estate of Ruth M Burk $1,253
Balch Springs Estate of Melba E Coates $10,000
Balch Springs Henderson Jacqueline Estate Of $9,843
Bandera Estate of Alden Luce $15,619
Bandera Estate of David L Hopkins $4,543
Bandera Estate of Homer Deviney $1,691
Bangs Estate of William Lavern Ellis $1,346
Bardwell Estate of Gretchen Farmer $1,294
Bastrop Estate of Tc Klink $10,470
Bastrop Robert C Runkle Estate $4,564
Bastrop Estate of Nina Lumpkins $3,000
Bastrop Estate of Perry R Blalock $2,666
Bastrop Jannine Peterson Estate $1,646
Bastrop Estate of Charles E Liles $1,156
Bay City Estate of Barbara Ruth Smith $1,894
Baytown Estate of Pearline Williams $3,660
Baytown Estate of Dennis Short $2,672
Baytown Estate of Helen Dunks $2,612
Baytown Estate of Minnie J Crawford $2,194
Baytown Estate of Velma Ashley $2,183
Baytown Estate of Kenneth Pounds $2,078
Baytown Estate of Beatrice Dendy $1,873
Baytown Estate of Norma Fojt $1,853
Baytown Estate of Therman J Smith $1,692
Baytown Estate of George W Curtis $1,500
Baytown Estate of Kenneth Deshong $1,446
Baytown Estate of Linda Allen $1,356
Baytown Estate of Nancy C Rougeou $1,330
Baytown Estate of Beatrice Rougeou $1,317
Baytown Estate of Raymond Littlefield $1,012
Beaumont Estate of Dianna L Keel $5,635
Beaumont Estate of Patricia Culp $2,684
Beaumont Estate of Peggy Morris $2,619
Beaumont Estate of Hazel M Porterfield $1,725
Beaumont Estate of Gloria Jones $1,296
Beaumont Estate of Marshall Wood $1,282
Beaumont Estate of Carolyn Jones $1,195
Beaumont Estate of Frances Hancock $1,068
Beeville Estate of Ovidio Gonzales $15,003
Beeville Carlos P Mendoza Estate $4,854
Beeville Estate Baker $1,481
Beeville Estate of Francis G Mckinney $1,414
Bells Estate of Greg Ballou $18,955
Bellville Estate of Wallace Little $3,344
Bellville Estate of Evelyn Nehrkorn $1,153
Belton Estate of Virginia Hatton $4,253
Belton Estate of Cora L Johnson $2,729
Big Spring Dorothy Drennan Estate $12,029
Big Spring Fabian Ross Estate $10,756
Big Spring Estate of Joy Appleton D $6,993
Big Spring Estate of Terry Dooley $6,934
Big Spring Estate of Juan Juarez $5,000
Big Spring Essie Cooper Estate $3,613
Big Spring Estate of Mary Titsworth $3,332
Big Spring Estate of Coy Joe Mccann $3,204
Big Spring Donna Callihan Estate $3,168
Big Spring Charles O Trantham Estate $2,872
Big Spring Estate of James Trantham $2,597
Big Spring Estate of Gary D Daniels $2,593
Big Spring Estate of Gerald Lowe $1,890
Big Spring Beulah M Richardson Estate $1,542
Big Spring William H Kennemur Estate $1,521
Big Spring Estate of Douglas L Burnett $1,376
Big Spring Estate of E A Adams $1,319
Big Spring Paul E Merrell Estate $1,135
Big Spring Estate of Alma Long $1,058
Big Spring Bagwell Alton R Estate Of $1,005
Bishop Teodoro Trevino Estate $3,465
Bishop Estate of Ad Willbern Jr $2,981
Boerne Estate of Mercy Williams $1,964
Boerne Estate of Roger Walters $1,132
Borger Ralph Platzer Estate $7,000
Borger Maxine & Kay Davis Estate $5,156
Borger Estate of Alice Holt $4,434
Borger Zachary A Bennett Estate $3,918
Borger Estate of J W Butler $2,427
Borger Estate of Claud Killingsw $1,577
Borger Lou E Barnett Estate $1,095
Boyd Truman Morris Estate $3,473
Brenham Ralph Giaccone Estate $58,862
Brenham Ernest A Riedel Estate $17,559
Brenham Estate of Carolyn Ann Haynes $5,224
Brenham Edith E Brown Marsh Estate $5,084
Brenham Frances Crawford Estate $4,693
Brenham Estate of Waltraut G Duckworth $3,569
Brenham E C Bertolet Estate $2,316
Brenham Lydia Gindorf Estate $2,018
Brenham Bertha Briscoe Estate $1,974
Brenham Estate of Eleanor Weiss $1,216
Brenham Estate of Josephine Foltermann $1,140
Brenham Estate of Ella The Lueck Tegeler $1,081
Brenham Mertins Estate of Sally $1,018
Bridge City Estate of George Poland $3,109
Bridge City Estate of Virgil Bird $2,731
Bridge City Estate of Gale Banks $1,654
Bridgeport Estate of Mary Smith The $2,871
Bridgeport Howard Wharton Estate $1,767
Bridgeport Charlotte Ann Hartsell Estate $1,300
Bridgeport Estate of Johnnie Lee Bearden $1,008
Brownsville Estate of Josefina Manzano $2,051
Brownwood Simon Delce (Estate) $6,136
Brownwood The Estate of Bruce Pollock $4,302
Brownwood Estate of Hazel Stephens $4,289
Brownwood Estate of Emory Barrett $3,511
Brownwood Selma Mills Estate $2,290
Brownwood Lonnie Middleton Estate $1,353
Brownwood Jerry Brooks Estate $1,151
Brownwood John Tackett Estate $1,052
Brownwood Estate of Aniceto Salazar $1,019
Bullard Estate of Irene Davis $2,710
Buna Estate of Robert Simmons $5,898
Burkburnett Estate of Juanita E Smith $2,170
Burkburnett Estate of Theresa Slusser $1,423
Burkeville Estate of Nannie Mae Mitcham $1,073
Carrizo Springs Estate of Carlos Carrillo $4,174
Carrollton Estate of Bernard B Whitney $13,298
Carrollton Estate of Paulette Williams $11,489
Carrollton W B Wakefield Estate $9,591
Carrollton Joyce Joslin Estate $6,572
Carrollton Ida Daigneault Estate Of $5,356
Carrollton Estate of Elizabeth Moore Miller $5,000
Carrollton Estate of John S Nelson $4,867
Carrollton Estate of Harmon Reeves $3,526
Carrollton Estate of Zijad Karacic $3,000
Carrollton Jack M Felts Estate Of $2,506
Carrollton Estate of Bonnie Elson $2,473
Carrollton Estate of Helen Lynn Edwards $1,999
Carrollton Estate of Helen Reeves $1,993
Carrollton The Estate of Enrique Garcia $1,890
Carrollton Marion N Stevens Estate $1,751
Carrollton Estate of Charlotte A Moore $1,729
Carrollton Estate of Herbert Dyer $1,480
Carrollton Norton Denise Estate Of $1,448
Carrollton Estate of Billy F Whistler $1,438
Carrollton Vincent Memmolo Estate $1,260
Carrollton Dicie Snitker Estate $1,224
Carrollton Michael Spain Estate $1,208
Carrollton Kenneth H Cole Estate $1,175
Carrollton Elizabeth A Bargamin Estate Of $1,144
Carrollton Estate of Louise Woods $1,132
Carrollton The Estate of Marian Kelley $1,120
Carrollton Giacomo Jim Estate Of $1,118
Cedar Park Estate of Harry Vance $3,726
Center Estate of Lou Mcfarland $1,167
Charles Abbott Estate Plainview $1,792
Chico Ermie Herman Estate $2,077
China Estate of Charles A Kilpatrick $7,045
Claude Clyde Bashaw Estate $3,823
Cleburne Estate of Walter Landers $1,234
Commerce Estate of John D Moore $2,608
Conroe Estate of Frankie Hamilton $3,524
Conroe Estate of Helen M Mcnew $3,278
Corpus Christi Estate of Chun Cha Exum $40,753
Corpus Christi Estate of Mr Joe E Mireles $34,500
Corpus Christi Estate of Arthur W Carothers $24,202
Corpus Christi Estate of Eugene F Holland $22,725
Corpus Christi Estate of Charles E Pratt $14,065
Corpus Christi Estate of Jack L Fulton $13,555
Corpus Christi Gloria J Barecky Estate $10,903
Corpus Christi Willard H Walker Estate $10,693
Corpus Christi Estate of Ramon Moreno $9,468
Corpus Christi Estate of Paul Ricker $7,868
Corpus Christi Estate of George Lewis Iii $7,811
Corpus Christi Faye M Suffel Estate $7,546
Corpus Christi Ruth Estate Brown $7,075
Corpus Christi Davis Estate Ronald $6,685
Corpus Christi Estate of Douglas C Kurtz $5,862
Corpus Christi Roslie Marks Estate $5,730
Corpus Christi The Estate of Billie Williams $5,645
Corpus Christi Estate of Augustina Castenuela $5,542
Corpus Christi Samir Sanmukh Estate $5,279
Corpus Christi Estate of Rafael Gomez $4,667
Corpus Christi The Estate of Consuelo R Dubose $4,543
Corpus Christi Estate of June M Putnam $4,390
Corpus Christi Estate of Antonio Triana $4,340
Corpus Christi Estate of Leslie J Dobson $4,304
Corpus Christi Estate of John Rizzo $3,948
Corpus Christi Lanette Lindsey Estate $3,819
Corpus Christi Estate of James Burris $3,731
Corpus Christi Estate of Julia Delapaz $3,689
Corpus Christi Estate of C Perry The $3,664
Corpus Christi Estate of Eva Luna $3,516
Corpus Christi Estate of Domitila T Saldana $3,412
Corpus Christi Estate of Juan C Ugalde $3,168
Corpus Christi William G Gill Estate $3,132
Corpus Christi Estate of Mary E Gibson $3,129
Corpus Christi Estate of Marion Stewart $3,123
Corpus Christi Manuel Estate Morales $3,119
Corpus Christi Estate of Iva L Marshall $3,107
Corpus Christi Amelia Rodriguez Estate $3,099
Corpus Christi Kenneth Ersch Estate $3,096
Corpus Christi Estate of Alberta Varney $3,000
Corpus Christi Estate of Joseph William Bailey $2,932
Corpus Christi Estate of J B Allen $2,850
Corpus Christi Douglas P Taylor Estate $2,805
Corpus Christi Estate of Elizabeth G Hickerson $2,787
Corpus Christi Elenora S Wostal Estate $2,783
Corpus Christi Estate of Charles Kellam $2,609
Corpus Christi Estate of Pauline M Johnson $2,588
Corpus Christi Pearl F Cutsinger Estate $2,572
Corpus Christi Estate of Susan T Isenberg $2,474
Corpus Christi Estate of Joe E Mireles The $2,420
Corpus Christi Anna Engelking Estate $2,300
Corpus Christi Estate of Demetrio Soliz $2,271
Corpus Christi Estate of Henry Peyton Mcginnis $2,205
Corpus Christi Estate of C David Ha $2,160
Corpus Christi Estate of Charles P Ponton $2,134
Corpus Christi Estate Jacob Francis George $2,112
Corpus Christi Estate of Pattie Ballard $2,085
Corpus Christi Estate Dorothy Burkett $2,017
Corpus Christi Estate of Verne E Howard $2,000
Corpus Christi Edward H Harris Estate $1,959
Corpus Christi Estate of Inez Turner $1,904
Corpus Christi Dorothy Estate of Dowler $1,902
Corpus Christi Betty L Ralph Estate $1,859
Corpus Christi Estate of Mary Devine F $1,764
Corpus Christi Estate of Alan P Spence $1,753
Corpus Christi Estate of Richard Mouser $1,752
Corpus Christi Estate of Opal Leblanc $1,751
Corpus Christi Sally Birmingham Estate $1,734
Corpus Christi Estate of Maria Elizalde The $1,671
Corpus Christi Francisco H Perez Estate $1,625
Corpus Christi Estate of Victor Dlabaja $1,592
Corpus Christi Estate of Laverne Carlisle $1,566
Corpus Christi Estate of Joselando Guerrero $1,525
Corpus Christi Estate of Albert Drozo $1,522
Corpus Christi Estate of Sarah B Brooks $1,492
Corpus Christi Richard Knopp Estate $1,491
Corpus Christi Estate of Santos G Garcia $1,474
Corpus Christi Estate of Lucy Perez $1,467
Corpus Christi Gladys A Newbury Estate $1,442
Corpus Christi Estate of Delores Ramirez $1,441
Corpus Christi Estate of John Anderson $1,386
Corpus Christi Mary H Erevia Estate Of $1,373
Corpus Christi Estate of Dan James $1,366
Corpus Christi Elsie Mccaig Estate $1,359
Corpus Christi Estate of James L Stendebach $1,349
Corpus Christi Estate of Filiberto Martinez $1,326
Corpus Christi Eladio Munoz (Estate) $1,300
Corpus Christi Ysidra Felix Estate $1,296
Corpus Christi Estate of Carolina Gutierrez $1,289
Corpus Christi Gonzalez Estate Norma $1,231
Corpus Christi Estate of Bobbetta Schmid $1,216
Corpus Christi Estate of Thomas L Osborn $1,199
Corpus Christi Alice Garcia Estate $1,197
Corpus Christi Elaine G Bartling Estate $1,193
Corpus Christi Briggs Beadle Estate Of $1,173
Corpus Christi Frances Valdez Estate $1,172
Corpus Christi Estate of William E Creel J $1,168
Corpus Christi Rosa Salazar Estate $1,163
Corpus Christi Marcelino Perez Estate $1,163
Corpus Christi Meredith C Callaway Estate $1,157
Corpus Christi Estate of James Cudd $1,141
Corpus Christi Amalia Rios Estate $1,135
Corpus Christi David Underbrink Estate $1,133
Corpus Christi Estate of Maria L Aparicio $1,128
Corpus Christi Estate of Michael Hill $1,065
Corpus Christi Estate of Consuelo Dubose $1,027
Corpus Christi Carol Estate Cochran $1,008
Corsicana Estate of Jerry L Bonner $1,344
Crosby Estate of Carl Ricklefsen $3,350
Crosby Estate of Anton Hechler $1,550
Crystal Beach Estate of Earline M Jones $1,606
Dallas Estate of Lucia J Massinger $92,726
Dallas Estate of Marco Collazo $73,180
Dallas Wijesuriya P Dayawansa $46,719
Dallas Estate of Perletta Fields $35,000
Dallas Estate of Kinsela O Rigs $25,672
Dallas Estate of Rozalyn Rigsby $25,672
Dallas Estate of Cothell D Brown $25,000
Dallas Estate of Gwendolyn Hargrove $20,113
Dallas Cypress Creek Estate $18,000
Dallas Estate of Thomas G Langer $15,085
Dallas Roslyn R Taylor Estate $13,343
Dallas Estate of Grace M Laird $12,564
Dallas Estate of Naomi D Blaize $12,081
Dallas Billy Carter Estate $11,104
Dallas Estate of Patrick Dotie $9,984
Dallas Mary G Shuey Estate $9,791
Dallas Gilma T Watson Estate $8,396
Dallas Estate of Jeffery R Cross $8,273
Dallas Estate of Willene H Dealey $7,775
Dallas Frazier Family Estate $7,760
Dallas Matoka Mccally Estate $7,241
Dallas Claudette Murphy Estate $7,240
Dallas John Dee Mangram Estate $7,215
Dallas Harold Jeskey Estate $7,075
Dallas Estate of Jay Kyle Tarwater $6,996
Dallas Doris Adams Estate $6,698
Dallas James Bostic Estate $6,563
Dallas Estate of Beverly White Root $6,497
Dallas Estate of Adeline White $6,174
Dallas Rosemary B Maher Estate $5,600
Dallas The Estate of Ernest J Evans $5,461
Dallas Evie Estate Rhine $5,356
Dallas Carroll Hensley Estate Of $5,211
Dallas Mary Ruth Williams Wright $5,150
Dallas Charles R Barnett Estate $5,148
Dallas Estate of Alma Jones $5,049
Dallas Alice Zepeda Estate $5,024
Dallas Gary S Kennedy Estate $5,001
Dallas Estate of Sheri Gomez $5,000
Dallas Charlotte E Wagener Estate $4,835
Dallas Estate of Dorothy Freeman C O Escheat F $4,592
Dallas Estate of Gk Gordon $4,470
Dallas Estate of Coy Ballew $4,454
Dallas Estate of Maurice Graham $4,433
Dallas Blossie D Barree Estate $4,368
Dallas Estate of Edward Teal $4,321
Dallas N Neinast Estate of Paul $4,285
Dallas Estate of Gerald Wayne Christmas $4,250
Dallas Estate of Margaret E Long $4,213
Dallas Estate of Marilyn B Crichton $4,207
Dallas Estate of John V Dunagan $4,141
Dallas Alberta Bates Estate $4,054
Dallas Estate of Joseph C Taylor Jr $4,006
Dallas Estate of Robert W Mussina $3,853
Dallas Patsy Rhodes Estate $3,704
Dallas Estate of Albert W Carroll $3,420
Dallas Betty Watley Estate $3,339
Dallas Gail Culver Estate $3,264
Dallas Estate of Flynn Ferguson Chaudry $3,207
Dallas Estate of Donshae Bowman $3,186
Dallas Jimmie V Geer Estate $3,150
Dallas Estate of Mary Martin $3,087
Dallas Bill Countz Estate $3,025
Dallas Estate of Louella Crenshaw $3,021
Dallas Estate of Jennie Shaw $3,011
Dallas Estate of Bettie Jean Hollis Burks $3,000
Dallas Estate of John Bruner $3,000
Dallas Estate of Louise Saffell $2,999
Dallas Estate of Annie Caldwell $2,963
Dallas Clois Holley Estate $2,951
Dallas Miriam E Haley Estate $2,942
Dallas Estate of Phyllis L Gober $2,916
Dallas H Rataczak Estate $2,839
Dallas Estate of Bessie D Taylor $2,802
Dallas Estate of Brenda Huggins $2,793
Dallas Jame Bostic Estate $2,625
Dallas Estate of Jackie L Riggs $2,599
Dallas Estate of Rosalea Noska $2,598
Dallas Estate of Lizzie M Mccullar $2,574
Dallas Estate of Ricardo M Navarro $2,566
Dallas Jacqueline Coleman Estate $2,540
Dallas Estate of Sybil Black $2,468
Dallas Paula Montes Estate $2,325
Dallas Martha Lewis Estate $2,310
Dallas Nola B Eshom Estate $2,308
Dallas Estate of Geneva Flanagan $2,262
Dallas Estate of Velma R Jackson $2,223
Dallas Estate of Leonard Rippetoe $2,156
Dallas Hi Oil Co Bankrupt Estate Debtor $2,116
Dallas Eula K Mosley Estate $2,110
Dallas Estate of Merle Moxley $2,083
Dallas Estate of Kathryn Cahill $2,067
Dallas Cora Breedlove Estate $2,061
Dallas Estate of Raymo Williams $2,053
Dallas Estate of William V Eady $2,044
Dallas Cooper Estate of Eli Cooper $2,043
Dallas Estate of Gary L Mayer $2,028
Dallas Jewel Bridges Estate $2,021
Dallas Estate of Albert Carroll $2,019
Dallas Dorothy Carter Estate $2,000
Dallas Estate of Willey E Billey $1,975
Dallas Ray Lea Estate $1,968
Dallas Maude E Mcdermott Estate $1,958
Dallas Estate of William Davis $1,944
Dallas Estate of Ronnie Allee $1,909
Dallas Estate of William H Jamieson $1,875
Dallas Estate of Delbert Peugh $1,797
Dallas John T Wilson Estate $1,793
Dallas Estate of Mildred Hollis $1,762
Dallas Bridgett Minafee Estate $1,747
Dallas Estate of Russell Norma J $1,737
Dallas Estate of Verna Bownds $1,710
Dallas James L O Neal Estate $1,708
Dallas Armedia Simmons Estate $1,669
Dallas Novella M Himes Estate $1,643
Dallas Billy M Evans Estate $1,623
Dallas Estate of Jerry H. Hill $1,611
Dallas Estate of John Langston $1,610
Dallas Gladys Green Estate $1,604
Dallas Estate of Gladys Thomason $1,589
Dallas Walter Norris Estate $1,586
Dallas Myrna Williamson Estate $1,585
Dallas Estate of Johnnie W Smith $1,535
Dallas Robert Mitchell Estate $1,534
Dallas Estate of Robert L Stevens $1,523
Dallas Estate of Winona Marrs $1,499
Dallas Margery G Kinslow Estate $1,438
Dallas Estate of Norma R Robinson $1,437
Dallas Johnnie Woods Estate $1,429
Dallas Ben F Read Estate $1,426
Dallas Estate of Jackie Gilbert $1,406
Dallas Estate of Bobby Stenson $1,405
Dallas Carrie Carpenters Estate $1,383
Dallas Estate of Mildred Tresenriter $1,375
Dallas Sarah Harris Thornton Estate $1,345
Dallas Theotis Davis Estate $1,341
Dallas Edna Hann Estate $1,336
Dallas Estate of Shirley A Kvernes $1,333
Dallas Estate of Glen Ray Smith $1,328
Dallas Estate of Sandra Newsome $1,296
Dallas Estate of Steve P Barron $1,295
Dallas Estate of Margie Mangrum $1,295
Dallas La Verne T Fullen Estate $1,285
Dallas Estate of Marie Ramirez $1,275
Dallas Estate of Wanda Hogan $1,269
Dallas Estate of Virgil G Stanfield Sr $1,266
Dallas Estate of Mary J Higgins $1,261
Dallas Daisy M Carroll Estate $1,248
Dallas Estate of Kerney Laday $1,229
Dallas Estate of Suzanne Goodman $1,209
Dallas Nolan Forshaw Estate $1,201
Dallas Edith Hill D Estate $1,198
Dallas Henry J Hall Estate $1,194
Dallas Harold E Clayton Estate $1,188
Dallas Irvin Suckle Estate $1,182
Dallas Vernell Griffin Estate $1,171
Dallas Jackie K Jones(Estate) $1,170
Dallas Estate of Ward John S $1,169
Dallas Vera F Sutton Estate $1,163
Dallas Patti Q Perry Estate $1,162
Dallas Estate of Mary Lee Garner $1,146
Dallas Gibbs B Crook Estate $1,143
Dallas Estate of James Buckley $1,119
Dallas Estate of Virginia Morgan $1,105
Dallas Roy K Furr Estate $1,094
Dallas Estate of Jo Williams $1,089
Dallas Estate of Shirley Lagrone $1,073
Dallas Estate of Richard Mundee $1,052
Dallas Estate of Lynne Mayberry $1,050
Dallas W L Todd Jr Estate $1,042
Dallas Estate of James M Jure $1,032
Dallas Richardson Estate of Kenneth $1,022
Dallas Estate of Martha Hansen $1,020
Dallas Duggan Estate of Robert E Jr $1,017
Dallas Newton Estate of Alpha $1,007
Dallas Merdis D Blair Estate $1,003
Dallas Grant Estate of Billy R $1,001
Decatur Estate of Serigo Gonzalez $2,500
Decatur Raymond K Kelley Estate $2,212
Decatur Estate of Guinn Williamson $1,530
Deer Park Estate of Bob Smither $1,295
Del Rio Estate of Heberto Amezcua Jr $2,468
Del Rio Estate of Cipriano Rodriguez $1,871
Del Rio Estate of Domitila P Buentello $1,652
Del Rio Estate of Alfredo Guevara Jr $1,316
Del Rio Estate of Alfredo Guevara $1,112
Denison Estate of Lola Proctor $5,924
Denison Eugene Bassett Estate $4,482
Denison Estate of Clark Ray Brown $4,370
Denison Estate of Joe Matheny $2,353
Denison Estate of Tala Joelle Inez Horton $2,205
Denison Robert Robert Butler Estate $1,915
Denison Jessie Green Estate $1,503
Denison Hazel F Dobson, Estate Of $1,346
Denison Estate of Donald Leaton $1,209
Denison Estate of Jill Gordon $1,034
Denison Betty Tracy Estate $1,007
Denton Estate of Pearl Giles $1,946
Denton Estate of M Melbostad Flaa $1,089
Desoto Amos Cyrus Estate $6,446
Desoto Luessa R Roland Estate $5,037
Desoto Pauline Wright Harrison Estate $4,372
Desoto Harrison Kenneth Estate Of $3,811
Desoto Estate of Bobbie Hamilton $2,465
Desoto Alma Dismuke Estate $2,160
Desoto Estate of Ferris J Harper $1,692
Desoto Carlah Pleasant Estate $1,492
Desoto Estate of David Mckinney $1,302
Detroit Estate of Hyram J Weekly $1,498
Dublin Estate of Mario Bernal $3,000
Dumas Estate of Karla Bell $1,464
Duncanville Estate of Donald A Harris $55,775
Duncanville Jerry Estate D Alford $24,177
Duncanville Estate of Esther Muery $11,090
Duncanville Marsha Cloud Estate $6,825
Duncanville Estate of Wanda M Lewis $5,500
Duncanville Estate of Ronald Lindsey $5,307
Duncanville Estate of Gilbert E Kirkpatrick Iii $4,556
Duncanville Estate of Jean Hart $4,084
Duncanville Jo N Crowder Estate $3,906
Duncanville Estate of Patricia Peterson $3,696
Duncanville Estate of Geraldine Thomas $3,000
Duncanville Estate of Gwendolyn Sheila James $2,627
Duncanville Estate of Lou F Stoddard $2,205
Duncanville Joe T Duncan Estate $2,024
Duncanville Estate of Rosa May Neilon $1,643
Duncanville of Dorothy Sc Estate $1,640
Duncanville Estate of Luvivie Williams $1,535
Duncanville Elizabeth Rogers Estate $1,297
Duncanville Theda Harrington Estate $1,146
Early Doyle Wayne Mcleroy Estate $39,950
Edinburg Estate of Maria Ybarra $1,541
El Paso Estate of Josefa M Moreno $8,442
El Paso Estate of Fulgencia Marquez $3,307
El Paso Estate of Doroteo Naranjo $2,478
El Paso Estate of Guadalupe G Guillen $2,129
El Paso Estate of Francisco G Monclova Jr $1,971
El Paso Estate of Doris Gutierrez $1,758
El Paso Estate of Robert J Kennedy $1,568
El Paso Estate of Harold W Horst $1,161
El Paso Estate of Donnie Mabon $1,135
Electra Estate of Mildred Culipher $2,311
Electra Estate of Mildred M Culipher $2,021
Elgin Estate of Anna M Fulton $6,946
Elgin Estate of Corey Carlson $5,238
Elgin Estate of Audrey H Pfeiffer $3,221
Elgin Vivian Bryant Estate $3,018
Elgin Estate of Carl Carlson $2,795
Elgin Mark Tripp Estate Of $1,033
Elkhart Jimmy F Jones Estate $1,431
Ennis Estate of Shirley Sharp $2,064
Farmers Branch John Wilbur Isaacs Estate $6,044
Farmers Branch Mary Catherine Goss Estate $4,085
Farmers Branch Estate of Raymond Paleczka $4,026
Farmersville Fred Mounger Estate $3,244
Floydada Estate of Billie Cook $1,321
Fort Worth Estate of Amy L Smith $6,502
Fort Worth Estate of Maggie L Smith $4,698
Fort Worth Estate of William J Baker $4,110
Fort Worth Estate of Joseph W Burdett $2,906
Fort Worth Estate of Billie Jane Mitchell Westfall $2,878
Fort Worth Estate of Robert W Chenoweth $2,647
Fort Worth Estate of Andrew Bailey $2,062
Fort Worth Estate of Mary Patricia Byrnes $2,051
Fort Worth Estate of Martha Singleton $1,795
Fort Worth Estate of Ila Lumpkin $1,765
Fort Worth Estate of Dorothy Hand $1,742
Fort Worth Estate of Charles Burk Priddy Jr $1,718
Fort Worth Estate of Clifton Clark $1,677
Fort Worth Estate of George Martin $1,611
Fort Worth Estate of Mary Meadows $1,484
Fort Worth Estate of Ray Kellum $1,388
Fort Worth Estate of Henry Flenner $1,171
Frankston Eleta Knox Rhodes Estate $4,081
Freeport Estate of Alfred C Smalley $1,243
Fresno Estate of Rachel Patterson $3,688
Friona Estate of Weltha Nibert $3,389
Fritch Billy Stroup Estate $3,838
Gainesville Doris M Parker Estate $1,998
Gainesville Estate of William Tanner $1,312
Gainesville Joseph L Bengford Estate $1,170
Galena Park Estate of Mary Watson $2,364
Galveston Estate of Cecelia Mann $2,413
Galveston Estate of Celestine Gloston $1,925
Galveston Estate of Patrick Davis $1,700
Galveston Estate of Leslie Vandyke $1,425
Galveston Estate of Lorraine Vacek $1,405
Gardendale Estate of Childress $2,535
Garland Estate of Linda Boshela $3,782
Garland Estate of David Jack $2,849
Garland Estate of Charlotte Patton $1,083
Gilmer Don Smith Estate $35,871
Gilmer Vernon Naylor (Estate) $16,057
Gilmer Estate of Velmarie C Moore $6,000
Gilmer Lorene Cuba Estate $3,761
Gilmer Pf Larlie Johnson Estate $1,949
Gilmer Estate of Holly Chambers $1,190
Gilmer Te Marshall Estate $1,016
Gilmer Wanda Floyd, Estate Of $1,006
Glen Rose Estate of Linda Salazar $3,557
Glen Rose Estate of James Daniel Garland $2,574
Goldsmith Estate of Jimmy Robertson $1,685
Gonzales Estate of Refugio Ramos $2,412
Gonzales Estate of Mickey Brown $1,804
Gordon R E Gutkowski Estate $1,549
Grand Prairie Estate of Robert Modders $3,517
Grand Prairie Reba Dearion Estate Of $1,306
Grand Saline G E Hooker Estate $3,768
Grand Saline Estate of Carole J Dickman $2,369
Grape Creek Estate of Irene Perez $2,500
Greenville Estate of Irene F Wasilew $2,304
Groves Estate of Mina Colemon $1,138
Harlingen Estate of Teresa D Martinez $2,171
Harlingen Estate of Maria Rodriguez $1,373
Harlingen Estate of Santos A Lamas $1,323
Harlingen Estate of Esperanza Gonzalez $1,245
Hawkins Estate of Jewel R Mccalla The $2,248
Hereford Estate of Julia Chavez $3,573
Highlands Estate of John W Carter $1,881
Highlands Estate of Opal E Leblanc $1,682
Highlands Estate of Robert Sawberger $1,648
Hitchcock Estate of Mary Elliott $1,636
Houston Estate of Jennifer D Williams $29,231
Houston Estate of Chadwick A Rideau $17,220
Houston Estate of Madeline Butler $7,376
Houston Estate of Dorothy Bonnie $5,403
Houston Estate of Floretha Fisher $5,153
Houston Estate of Clifford Minor $4,613
Houston Estate of Charles W Batson Jr $4,121
Houston Estate of Marland Wilson $4,051
Houston Estate of Imogene D Leslie $3,722
Houston Hartmann Estate Chris Hartmann $3,632
Houston Estate of Robert C Godeke $3,605
Houston Estate of Kenneth R Allen $3,494
Houston Estate of Cathy Medaris $3,397
Houston Estate of Laddie Mae Cook $3,368
Houston Estate of Ruth J Sanitz $3,351
Houston Estate of John Corbett $3,349
Houston Estate of Darnell Wilson $3,214
Houston Estate of Everett Medaris $3,072
Houston William D Davis Estate $3,070
Houston Estate of George Valentine $3,062
Houston Estate of Vivian Trantham $3,051
Houston Estate of James C Watson $3,037
Houston Estate of Melvin Mims $2,788
Houston Estate of Mary A Dixon $2,501
Houston Estate of Michael H Kreger $2,497
Houston Estate of Frank Fehr Jr $2,445
Houston Estate of Rosetta Grant $2,432
Houston Estate of Everett Mcpherson $2,369
Houston The Estate of George A Weller $2,326
Houston Estate of Mittie Daniel $2,069
Houston Estate of Jesse Deltoro $2,050
Houston Estate of Delta Peake $2,026
Houston Estate of Kathryn Jaeger $2,005
Houston Estate of Wenona Rock $1,985
Houston Estate of Rose Haynes $1,971
Houston Estate of Ronald Bollman $1,913
Houston Estate of Jimmy Bethke $1,852
Houston Estate of Robert Ray Myers $1,791
Houston Estate of Howard Abel $1,755
Houston Estate of Jewel E Mitchell $1,677
Houston Hans C Glitsom Estate $1,655
Houston Estate of Margaret Royall $1,619
Houston Estate of Agnes Knight $1,594
Houston Elizabeth Goodwin Estate $1,590
Houston Estate of Blanche Tuggle $1,586
Houston Estate of George D Connally Jr $1,581
Houston Estate of Sophronie Labrie $1,551
Houston Estate of Luary Jones $1,468
Houston Estate of Ruth L Goosby $1,467
Houston Estate of Marvin M Goodman $1,467
Houston Estate of Dave Brett $1,461
Houston Estate of Charles F Davies $1,445
Houston Estate of Verlene Camden $1,436
Houston Estate of Terry Royall $1,421
Houston Estate of Janie Hoofard $1,408
Houston Estate of Robert U Wood $1,386
Houston Estate of Helen Black $1,351
Houston Estate of Beverly J Gale $1,348
Houston Estate of Robert Cooke $1,344
Houston Estate of Quinten Gideon $1,335
Houston Estate of Douglas Rojas $1,308
Houston Estate of Earnest Mathis $1,251
Houston Estate of Dorothy M Furdak $1,232
Houston Estate of Lucian Lacombe Jr $1,228
Houston Estate of Don Simms $1,227
Houston Estate of Willie Allen Thomas F Bickham $1,226
Houston Estate of Ethel Morton $1,135
Houston Estate of Theadore R Shepherd $1,049
Houston Estate of Yen Nguyen $1,048
Hudson Oaks Estate of Kathleen Thorne $3,786
Hurst Estate of Billy Terry $3,988
Hurst Estate of William Denehie $1,201
Hutchins Estate of Myrtle F Walker $12,485
Hutchins John D Blaylock Estate Of $4,229
Hutchins Estate of James N Steward $3,898
Idalou Estate of Darrell Mcinroe $25,377
Idalou Estate of Horace Hood $3,616
Idalou Charles M Abbott Estate $1,397
Iowa Park Estate of David Lee Hill $1,449
Irving Florrie Harris Estate $128,347
Irving Estate of Florrie P Harris $58,000
Irving Estate of James C Mitchell $46,233
Irving Estate of Geraldine Lucas $29,320
Irving Estate of Julian Moussu $26,001
Irving Estate of Doris M Aplin $17,125
Irving Estate of James R Watts $14,202
Irving P C Maxwell Estate $13,058
Irving The Estate of Park $12,442
Irving Jayaram P Yagnanarayan $9,985
Irving Rosa Olvera Estate $7,762
Irving Estate of George G Gwyn $7,524
Irving Mary V Heckathorn Estate $5,763
Irving Estate of Robert A Guess $5,659
Irving Lillie W Miller Estate $5,128
Irving Estate of Loressia Miles $5,081
Irving Estate of Rosemary Watkins $5,004
Irving Estate of Wayne Harley $5,000
Irving Estate of Frances E Underwood $4,746
Irving Margare Oliver Estate $4,017
Irving Larry Wilk Estate $3,589
Irving Jack A Carver Estate $2,953
Irving Sammie T Berryman Estate $2,904
Irving Estate of Nellie Kendall $2,442
Irving P S Fox Estate $2,288
Irving Estate of Carl W Zoretich $2,112
Irving Estate of Arlin A Armstrong $1,795
Irving Estate of Charles Rice Redding Jr $1,664
Irving Estate of Thomas Kimble $1,610
Irving Gustavo Conde Estate $1,449
Irving Estate of Louis G Hildebrand $1,254
Irving Estate of Mattie J Cave $1,250
Irving Estate of Arvin D Perry $1,242
Irving Estate of Frank M Lo $1,207
Irving Charles D Wyche Estate $1,146
Irving Geraldl Becker Estate $1,096
Irving Estate of Pauline Hazlett $1,041
Jacksonville Estate of Ora Lee Session $1,844
Jefferson Estate of Rudd Still $1,149
Junction Marjorie Liverman Estate $5,011
Junction Estate of Dave Cowsert $2,546
Junction Ovella Brite Estate $2,106
Junction Estate of Samuel Wilder J J $1,350
Killeen Estate of Willie Miller $1,994
Killeen Estate of Gerald G Wood $1,302
Kirkland Estate of Marjie Staffon $1,530
Kress Richard Willingham Estate $1,303
La Marque Estate of Shirley Graham $2,605
Lake Brownwood Estate of Camilla Kelley $1,776
Lake Dallas Estate of Mychael A Mitchell $6,390
Lakehills Estate of George A Enderson $2,625
Lakehills Milton E Hise Estate $1,079
Laredo Estate of Baldomero Ortiz $3,509
Laredo Estate of Petra Hernandez $2,910
Laredo Estate of Tomas Patino $1,785
Laredo Estate of Alicia Avila $1,594
Laredo Estate of Ramiro Martinez $1,539
Laredo Estate of Felipe G Rios $1,483
Laredo Estate of Raul Garcia $1,445
Laredo Estate of Virginia Ramirez $1,396
Laredo Estate of Martha Negrete $1,196
Laredo Estate of Jose Garza $1,190
Laredo Estate of Petra Diaz $1,060
Laredo Estate of Maria D Martinez $1,015
League City Estate of Jo Ann York Scott $4,552
League City Estate of Evelyn Coston $1,774
Levelland Estate of William L Harris $5,000
Levelland Estate of Wayland W Fred $1,234
Levelland Connie J Goad Estate $1,176
Littlefield Estate of Carmelita Ann Wood $5,279
Littlefield Estate of Coronado Estella $1,403
Littlefield Barney I Klein Jr Estate $1,039
Lockney Charles Fortenberry Estate $1,232
Longview Estate of Catherine Hall $1,846
Longview Janna L Robbins Estate $1,606
Longview Estate of Bessie Fisher $1,554
Longview Estate of Billy Reeves Jr $1,443
Lubbock Estate of Connie Jo Hobbs $52,341
Lubbock Estate of Herman Wilson $19,053
Lubbock Estate of Juana Castillo $13,081
Lubbock Estate of Dorothy J Hance $10,056
Lubbock Estate of Eldon Ray White $9,825
Lubbock Estate of Velda M Matthews $7,798
Lubbock Estate of Tennie Lunceford Md $7,500
Lubbock Estate of Elizabeth F Fittz $6,000
Lubbock Betty F Jack Estate $5,999
Lubbock Estate of Dorothy Curlee E $5,861
Lubbock Glenn Hobgood Estate $5,742
Lubbock Horace A Emery Estate $5,265
Lubbock Estate of Lyle W Simmons $5,216
Lubbock Lyn Smith Estate $5,000
Lubbock Estate of Phyllis Tunnell $4,954
Lubbock Ramon Guajardo Estate $4,558
Lubbock Simon Armendarez Estate $4,470
Lubbock Estate of Dave Smith $4,390
Lubbock Estate of Doris Johnson $4,170
Lubbock Estate of Amelia Bara $3,708
Lubbock R P Fuller Estate $3,669
Lubbock Winnie Jeffrey Estate $3,584
Lubbock Theresa Estate Peyton $3,406
Lubbock Delta O Marshall Estate $3,396
Lubbock Estate of Charlie B Pratt $3,343
Lubbock Estate of Melvin A Golden $3,325
Lubbock Estate of Grovina Stout $3,318
Lubbock Estate of James E Boothe $3,310
Lubbock L H Jack Barton Estate $2,963
Lubbock Loutina Childers Estate $2,694
Lubbock Dorothy Loescher Estate $2,608
Lubbock Jonathan Mcdonald Estate $2,412
Lubbock Estate of Clota Engleman $2,209
Lubbock Estate of Louise Vance $2,200
Lubbock Estate of Gwendolyn Patterson $2,162
Lubbock Estate of Andrew M Polston $2,160
Lubbock Estate of Patricia R Braden $2,104
Lubbock Shirley A Boyd Estate $2,033
Lubbock Estate of Dorothy Roach $2,012
Lubbock Estate of John Baumgartner $2,000
Lubbock Wayland T Pope Estate $1,964
Lubbock Eula E Lilley Estate $1,901
Lubbock Mae Pinson Estate $1,806
Lubbock E W Brown Estate $1,687
Lubbock Estate of Elroy Wallace $1,569
Lubbock Carrell Ann Cason, Estate Of $1,549
Lubbock James Nash Estate $1,505
Lubbock Estate of Mcrea Luginbyhl $1,484
Lubbock Estate of Shelagh Sinclaire $1,475
Lubbock Estate of Leif H Olson $1,453
Lubbock Estate of Andrew J Carpenter $1,434
Lubbock Estate of Kellas Davis $1,434
Lubbock The Estate of Oliver W Chisum $1,395
Lubbock Estate of Mack Douglas Johnson $1,346
Lubbock Mary Maxine Daly Estate $1,344
Lubbock Mildred Billingsley Estate $1,275
Lubbock White Archie L Estate Of $1,233
Lubbock Estate of Vernon Thompson $1,190
Lubbock Estate of David Souder $1,172
Lubbock Helen D Bray Estate $1,151
Lubbock Jennifer Gray Estate $1,140
Lubbock Estate of Flick $1,130
Lubbock Virginia M Wakefield Estate $1,126
Lubbock Estate of Jay A Bell $1,100
Lubbock Bernadette Thompson Barber $1,004
Luling Estate of Gladys Williams $2,022
Magnolia Estate of Jerry Woodruff $6,538
Mansfield Estate of Frances Zwierzchowski $3,977
Marfa Estate of Enriqueta Hernandez $1,167
Marshall Estate of Ruby Burt $1,691
Maxwell Estate of Esther Resendez $1,783
Mcallen Estate of Guadalupe Rodriguez $1,996
Mcdade Albert P Williams Estate $2,778
Mckinney Estate of Marion Margaret Peters $309,148
Mckinney Raymond L Grace Estate $22,809
Mckinney William H Frazier Estate $15,381
Mckinney Estate of Beverly R Lee $10,000
Mckinney Estate of Walter Wemott $7,653
Mckinney Estate of Olga Miller $6,427
Mckinney Bonnie James Estate $6,421
Mckinney Estate of Edward Ricketts $5,042
Mckinney Estate of C Boyer $4,885
Mckinney Estate of Alfred Greenfield $4,394
Mckinney Estate of Nelda Allison $4,200
Mckinney Estate of Thomas S Busby $3,737
Mckinney Ada Gorman Estate $3,647
Mckinney Estate of Sarah J Mcpeek $3,439
Mckinney Estate of George Peters $3,407
Mckinney Estate of Marian C Shipman $2,784
Mckinney Estate of Sueann M Starr $2,541
Mckinney Estate of Frank Rohner $2,320
Mckinney Estate of Mildred Vick $2,196
Mckinney Chappell Estate $1,956
Mckinney Artelle Stiff, Estate Of $1,910
Mckinney Marie Warren Hall Estate $1,732
Mckinney Martha Littlepage Estate Of $1,468
Mckinney Estate of Eileen Victor $1,458
Mckinney Estate of Hashmatull Rahimi $1,257
Mckinney Estate of Billie A Smith $1,257
Mckinney Rose Estate of Jacqueline Walton $1,196
Mckinney Mel S Wintzell Estate $1,120
Mckinney Estate of Lois Douglas