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Professional Title Abstractors

This LinkedIn group is where professional abstractors discuss the unique challenges faced by land title professionals who physically visit the courthouse. Participants must show they are dedicated to providing a level of complete accuracy that can only be achieved at the courthouse.


American Real Estate Professionals

Christy Baughman Lynn's secret Facebook group designed to connect USA based abstractors and other real estate professionals from across America.


Source of Title

Robert Franco's website features news, networking and conversation of interest to abstractors, title vendors and examiners.


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Home Value Down?  Taxes Up?

Don't get squeezed - Lower all your costs!




According to Consumer Reports, 40% of the population is over-assessed! The impact of this reaches much deeper into your pocket than just your local property taxes. If your home is taxed on the value it had during the boom, you are probably paying too much for everything related to your home. Errors in home tax appraisals will impact how much you pay for insurance, taxes, home improvement and mortgages.


Now that the housing boom is over, and your house has lost a good piece of its value, shouldn't your taxes and related costs go down as well? They should; but lenders, insurers and tax assessors are not going to voluntarily reappraise your costs, unless you ask. It's something every homeowner should do but you shouldn't stop there.

Let Your House Secure Your Retirement and Put Tax-Free Money in Your Pocket

If you're 62 years old or older and need money to pay off debt, cover medical expenses, or help out the kids you'll be happy to know Congress has raised the amount banks may pay you while you enjoy your retirement from the comfort and security of your own home. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 raised the limit for government-backed reverse mortgages to $625,500. There are no income, employment or credit qualifying restrictions. You own your home - not the bank and you never make a mortgage payment while you live in the home and the money you receive is tax-free. You can get a Free Reverse Mortgage Guide from Quicken Loans that explains all your options and simplifies the application process.

Take a Bite Out of  the Cost of Insuring Your Home


Take a close look at your mortgage statement. For most homeowners, the cost of home insurance is a substantial part of your payment. If your home's value has gone down and the cost of insuring your home hasn't, you can take a big bite out of your monthly payment just by lowering your home insurance to bring it in line with your current home value. 


Refinance Your Mortgage


If you are current on your mortgage but struggling with the payments, refinancing your home with an FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA or conventional fixed-rate mortgage can save you thousands of dollars and make your home affordable again. Homeowners who qualify are urged to refinance, restructure or modify your mortgage while rates are still low. Click here to quickly determine if you qualify for refinance loan restructuring.

Behind on Your Mortgage? Change the terms of your loan.

Loan modification allows homeowners and lenders to change the terms of your loan in order to stop foreclosure. A loan modification is NOT a new loan. You can take on the bank by yourself or you can get a personalized plan to find out if you qualify. You have no obligation. There is no credit check and no social security number is required. If you owe at least $100,000 and are behind on your payments you may be eligible to stop foreclosure fast, modify your loan, eliminate your back payments and save your home.

Get All Your Property Tax Exemptions


In addition to the rebates and tax credits you'll find on this page, most states offer special exemptions for property owners that can save you hundreds - even thousands of dollars in taxes every year. The exemptions are available to seniors, veterans, the disabled and homeowners who have declared homesteads, just to name a few. Call your local appraisal district or property tax collector to determine what exemptions may be available to you.



Get Rebates for Home Improvement, Home Repairs and Home Energy

The rebate program is similar to the popular “cash for clunkers” program, but doesn’t require a trade-in or exchange. The federal government is offering incentives to home owners who want to update their homes with the latest retrofits. You can get substantial tax rebates for installing more efficient heating and cooling systems, water-saving bathroom remodels and energy-saving kitchen upgrades. The short list of eligible Home Improvement Estimates include recession relief money for major home repairs like replacing old windows or money to install new roofing, new siding and insulating retrofits.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, individual states determine the type of home improvement allowable and amount of rebate that is available. To take advantage of the rebate you should compare bids from local contractors and get all your options.


Appeal Your Property Tax


Of all the properties in America that are over assessed, less than 1% are appealed. Yet, the process to contest contrived market values is relatively simple. With home prices plummeting, your odds of winning an appeal are better than ever before. Once you win your appeal, you may receive a substantial refund and your property tax savings will continue for years to come.



More Ways Changing Laws Can Help You

Credit Card Bailout - Credit Card Act of 2009

It may be possible to settle what you owe.


According to the White House, the average American family carries a credit card balance of $10,000. In March, President Obama announced, "The days of any time, any reason rate hikes and late fee traps have to end." This is good news for struggling consumers. New credit card laws of 2008, 2009 and proposed laws set to go into effect in 2010 along with government bailouts are motivating banks and credit card lenders to quickly settle debt with debt settlement specialists. You could eliminate half of what you owe.


It's important to continue to monitor your credit for errors and protect your privacy against id theft to ensure you receive better rates after negotiating a potential settlement.


Now that the government is cracking down on credit card lenders, struggling cardholders need to act fast to see if you may be eligible to quickly and legally settle half your debt  - without bankruptcy.

Are you eligible? Complete a 20-second form to find out if your debt qualifies.




Start Now! Time is Running Out!


Worried About Foreclosure?

Get a personalized plan that could stop foreclosure, eliminate back payments and save your home



Get a Guaranteed Debt Relief Plan to Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt

You'll get live training and expert support every step of the way.


Owe Back Taxes? Settle it Now - Get On With Your Life

If you owe $10,000 or more in back taxes - complete one simple form that may resolve your tax problem.


Home Value Down? Take 40% or More Off Your Home Insurance

It just makes sense. Why pay to insure your home's old value?


See if You Qualify for Mortgage Restructuring

No Credit Check and no Obligation. Must owe $100K and be current.


Get Economic Recovery Money For Building Your Own Business

Dislocated workers may collect funds while starting a business from home.


Get Matched With a Debt Relief Plan to Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt

If You Owe $10K or more in credit card debt you could be debt free in months.


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