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Life in Bailey County Texas 1800 - 1950
German POWs in Muleshoe Cotton Field

German POWs in Muleshoe Cotton Field

World War 2 German POWs tend cotton crop near Muleshoe Texas. With nearly seventy prisoner of war camps, Texas had approximately twice as many as any other state. These camps ranged from extremely large base camps that housed thousands of prisoners to small branch camps that held less than 100. Over 50,000 German soldiers were held in Texas during World War II.



Outside the Fence: Stories of an Army Officer's Kids and WW2 POW Camps (Amazon)

by Marilyn Snethen Clark, Carol Snethen Reed and Barbara Snethen Leonard

Excerpt: A great cheer came from the four kids. The rest of the trip, Mickey enjoyed the wind on his face with his head out the window, as the six of us plus Mickey headed for our new home in Muleshoe, Texas. The house in Muleshoe was a dream for us . . . Look inside

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